House Flipper: 100% Achievement Guide (New Luxury DLC)

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements in the new Luxury DLC.

Note: House Flipper – Luxury DLC is OUT on October 14 with 11 new achievements.


House Flipper Luxury DLC Achievement Guide

Luxury DLC-Achievements
Step up your game

Did someone call a stair specialist?

Renew a staircase
(To do this, click on the staircase in the second mission with the sales device)

Windows Update

Replace 10 windows

Exchange 10 Fenseter (Press “E” in front of the windows in the second mission)

The choice is yours

“Will you follow your client’s dream?”

Decide on an option (Choose a flooring in the second mission)

The furnisher

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

Restore a total of 5 pieces of furniture (for some pieces of furniture it is possible to restore them by pressing “E”)

You are too creative!

If we allowed you to do this, the game would crash

Try to sell a choice icon (click on the icon with your selling device)

The Wi-Fi password, anyone?

The next step is to hire a butler

Move your office to one of the Luxury DLC houses (Buy a DLC house and move your office there. If you already have one, go there and press “ESC” and then “Move office”)

I am rich

Purchase one of the houses from Luxury DLC

Buy a house through the laptop in your office

I fixed it!

All it takes is a good smack with a hammer

]Hit the steering wheel on the upper floor with the hammer (only possible after completing and buying the yacht order)

I hope there’s no cellar

Now, who’s in for a pool party?

Buy an indoor pool through the tablet and place in a basement (The mission worked for me after much trial and error in the Christmas house, when I placed the pool in the cellar)


Take a picture of the city from the Cliff House

Take a picture of the whole city while you are in the “Cliff House” or in the mission “Something ends and something new begins”. (Photos can be taken via the tablet)

Luxury is always in style

Finish all jobs in Moonrise Bay

Schließe alle 12 Aufträge im DLC ab

Thanks to Jonizeh for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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