House Flipper: Wall Street Shark Achievement Guide

This guide is here to help people get the Wall Street Shark Achievement.
As it seems 1.9% of Players have it, lets bump that higher! (as of posting this, I just got the achievement and it says 1.9%)


Yea, so 1.9% of people have this achievement (as of writing this)
and I just got it, so I want to help people get this achievement.

Jack is a PAIN in the BUTT to get the first time, cause he always seems to be in Spot #2 as the 2nd Highest Bidder, he is also Cheap, so I did not get much from him.
The Following Section will help you (I hope) to get a home sold to him!

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This is also my first guide, so it is going to be a bit messy (Probably).

Simple How To in Less than 10 Steps!
Wall Street Shark Achievement. (sorry, I have no pictures)

1) Be Cheap (set everything to Price Ascending so the cheapest Furniture is at the top)
2) Watch out as the Smoths and Family Jonson will be #1 Bidder but it is simple to loose them.
3) No Lights, Curtains or any wall materials needed

Here are the Steps I took: (NOT HOUSE SPECIFIC – Do it in whatever House YOU want)
Step 1: Clean Everything and SELL everything you can, even outlets and lights.
Step 2: Paint all walls WHITE (Cheapest ‘Color’)
Step 3: Make Two Bedrooms, Single Beds only (I used Mantis, I believe) 1 bed per room, and then Cheapest Desk and Wardrobe. NOTHING ELSE.
Step 4: Two Bathrooms are needed, Cheapest Shower, Sink and Toilet as well, and towel radiator (if you want, idk if this actually effects anything, but I had them in there) no Mirrors or anything else. and the cheapest TILE you can find for the floors and WHITE WALLS, no tile walls
Step 5 DO NOT ADD A KITCHEN or KITCHENETTE Smoths will be allover that.
Step 6: Make a living room with 2 CHEAP couches (Sofa for 2 or venette or whatever it is called) add a coffee table (I had 2) the cheapest ones, and then add a wall mounted TV, nothing more to that room.
Step 7: (IF YOU WANT EXTRA CASH) make a TINY Sauna, smallest room you have.

And there you go, Jack should be the top bidder, but get this, HE is Cheap, so do not expect much value for what you get… I made a 30,000 increase cause I negotiated.
Please let me know if it helped or not, and sorry again for a lack of images.

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1 thought on “House Flipper: Wall Street Shark Achievement Guide


    (June 1, 2021 - 4:50 pm)

    This worked for me on the 1st try. I didn’t even have to paint the walls, but I did everything else listed. As soon as he became the top bidder I sold. thank you!

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