How to Make Normandy ” Poop ” in Mass Effect 2

After you recruit Zaeed Massani you will have the chance to be as long as you want ” a true human being ” or in a more fun way to say make Normandy ” poop ”.All you need to do is to go in the previously inaccessible Starboard Cargo Hold on the Engineering Deck of the Normandy and have your ” fun ” :D.If you don’t recruit Zaeed or if you don’t go speak to him or don’t look around this thing can be missable.


Step 1

Go to Zaeed location and behind him go press this button called Garbage ( ” poop ” ) compactor

Step 2

Garbage ( ” poop ” ) came press the second button on your right called Airlock.

Step 3 – Enjoy

Repeat and enjoy as ” poop ” flashes out 😀 ..might don’t seems nice and funny since is a bad thing to do even on earth but i consider it cool thing and a easter egg to the fact that humanity throw their ♥♥♥♥ everywhere so why not also in space.

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