Human Fall Flat: How to Draw More Precise Skins

I will be showing you guys today how to make more precise images/logos on your human


What you need
A copy of Human: Fall Flat
A file explorer
A photo editor
That’s it!

Making the skin
#1. Open your game
#2. Choose what clothes you want to paint on
#3. Paint on the piece of clothes you want to edit
#4. Save the person and go back to the main menu

Then it gets a little more complicated

#5. Open your file explorer and search MainCharacter with the search bar (if maincharacter doesn’t have the image files, go to CoopCharacter instead)
#6. Press on the piece that you painted and edit it in an image editor, you can import a logo or just draw
#7. When you’re done drawing, replace the old image with your edited one
#8. Switch back to the game and go into customization and you should see your edits on the human

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