HuniePop 2 Double Date: Fill Er Up Achievement Guide

A helpful guide to those who want to complete the achievement. Hopefully it works for you.


The whole Guide
For Filler’ Er Up Achievement:
This worked for me so hopefully it does for others as well. Also, all of my things are MAX. I am doing this on 100% complete Normal difficulty.
***[Max Sentiment is 40]***
I chose two girls with the same character color orbs with not so terrible baggage.
My choice was:
-Lola with Miss independent baggage
-Zoey with Tinnitus baggage

I gave the following food:
-Gave Zoey +5 Sentiment (Lobster Tail)
-Gave Lola +25% Passion (Corn the Cob) due to her baggage.

I gave the following gifts:
-Lola got (Elephant Plushie, Saphire Ring, Turquoise Tulip, and Lube)
-Zoey got (Spring Rain, Glass Dolphin, Turquoise Tulip, and Lube)
*For Lola I didn’t really need the Tulip at the end, So if you want replace with a plushie to remove broken orbs.

My strategy is to make Lola’s passion reach 30% at the very start.
Then, after that 1st move use lube on Zoey. This will make the cost of the gift Spring Rain cost 0 sentiment. Use this right after lube.
Next, try to get sentiment for Lola to use her lube. Now the remaining high cost gifts will cost either 0 or 2 sentiment.

Finally, try to get as much sentiment as possible for Zoey (maybe reach 40 which is what I did) and use the Glass Dolphin. This will help reduce the number of moves wasted.
After everything is max out, then try to closely reach the affection goal. Make sure even stamina is max, then use the Saphire ring to complete the affection goal and BAM you did it.
This took me like 4 tries. It is all about luck. I was lucky to able to get some joy token combos on the way.

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