Hunt and Snare: How to Edit Characters

This guide will show you how to edit some things about your character.


getting started
so here is what your gonna need the character your gonna edit and notepad ++
if you don’t know where you characters are located they are at C:\Users\YOURNAMEHERE\AppData\LocalLow\Ruffleneck\Hunt and Snare
if you don’t already have notepad ++ get it here
once you got both drag your character file into notepad ++ once yove done that it should look like this i have mine zoomed in if you want yours zoomed in click the magnifying glass with the plus

how to add or remove a pp
open the ascii panel by clicking edit then character panel then find this line of code
after the M their will be a NUL or a SOH if you want a pp change id to SOH if you dont want a pp change it to NUL then save you changes and your done

how to change breast size
for this you don’t need the ASCII panel
find this line of code
NULNULNULÿk×>nNULNULÈB{~ACKbreastNAKNULNULNULÿîñéýSObreasts_0_none{~ voiceType
once you have found it put one of these there
once you have changed the code your done just save your changes

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