Hydroneer Starting Guide For Beginners (How to Play & Placing Items)

People might feel frustrating playing Hydroneer at the start, have no idea what to do, and can not figure out how to placing items, this guide will help you if you have are facing those problems, let’s check it out.

Game Start

When your start for the first time, fill your pan with water and place it near the river. then place your bucket and brush next to the pan
use your shovel to fill the bucket, dump into the pan and rinse with the brush.
once you save up enough ore, sell it at the jeweler and buy buckets (2) one for iron and one for gold.
then once you save up enough for pipes, place pipe out of the river with a shutoff to fill your pan automatically

Placing Items

double check your key mapping but once you have an item in hand, you can select R T Y to rotate on the X Y Z axis. Blue shows you where you can place, red is blocked or non placeable



That’s all we are sharing today in Hydroneer Starting Guide For Beginners (How to Play & Placing Items), if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, and we’ll see you soon.

Credit to humbrol2

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