Icarus: How to Fix “BadError” & “Failed to Update Unreal Session” Error (First Beta)

The First Beta for Icarus is now available this weekend. you can download and take a try. however there are some known errors for the first Beta version. here are some solutions for you to solve this error.


How to Fix the “BadError” Error?

Cause: This covers multiple errors. The Devs will refine these into different error codes, and implement fixes for each possible cause after this beta weekend has concluded.

Solution(Credit to Finally <333):

  • Wait 30 seconds and try again
  • Create a new character and try again
  • Create a character and join from an invite
  • Exit the game and restart it
  • Create a new character, go on a different prospect as the host, return to the station, retry joining your friend
  • Best Solution: Click “Play” then choose the prospect or try joining a friend on Steam. You will get the “BadError Request”, click okay. Navigate back to character selection screen and you should see “Play” and “Join Prospect”. Select “Join Prospect” it will allow you to join the map!



How to Fix “Failed to Update Unreal Session – 007” Error

Cause: This error comes when the host leaves and you get dropped to the main menu. It can also happen if two people try to host at the same time.


  • Wait 30 seconds and try again
  • Exit the game and restart it


Icarus is coming to PC on November 20, 2021, followed by PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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