Inscryption: Collective Effort Achievement Guide

When I was grinding through the collective effort achievement I couldn’t find much information on all of the special cards that you can’t buy with foils. I made this quick visual guide to hopefully make the achievement go more smoothly for you all!



Before you Start

I recommend (especially if you are going for 100% of achievements) that before you try to get all of the cards, you reach the training dummy fight on the second floor of the mage tower and complete the <Devil’s Play> achievement. This will give you a huge amount of foils that should get you all of the purchaseable cards.

How the Guide Works:

On each of the stitched images of the cards, any card with a:

*BLUE border: requires a special secret to obtain.
*PURPLE border: obtained through the mycologists
*NO added border: purchaseable from traders in each of the four scribe’s zones.


The cards with a purple border below are obtained by the mycologists experiments. Head to the small mushroom in between the beasts and undead zones of the map to reach the mycologists.

You will need to bring them:
2x Field Mice Cards
2x Gravedigger Cards
2x Sentry Drone Cards
2x Blue Mage Cards



The Great Kracken: obtained by first going to the docks in the forest and then climbing to the final floor of the tower and clicking the tentacle.

**as you can see, I did NOT obtain this card and still got the achievement, my best guess is that the rabbit card that you get from the chest on the third floor acts as a replacement for this one for the achievement. Please let me know down below if that doesn’t work for you!



Drowned Soul (top right): this card is fished up from the well in the room to the left of grimora.

Bone Lord’s Horn: this card is obtained by completing the <Dark Offering> achievement.


No Special Cards.


No Special Cards.

Thanks to Scarabimi for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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