Inscryption: How to Grind Foil Pack

In this guide i will show you how to grind foil pack very easily. It will be time-consuming so i hope you don’t have anything to do if you do this aswell.

Training Dummy

So first things first, you need to unlock act 2 in Inscryption. (you can unlock the act 2 when you find the alternate ending of act 1 after beating leshy) Then after that you need to go to the mage kingdom or level and you need to fight 3 graduated students. But you should stop after defeating the first mage, after that, If you look around the second level of the place, you can see a training dummy. Yes this training dummy is very important for our foil pack grind.

Foil Pack Grind

Now after that you need to fight that dummy. You can choose to ignore the clues on how to battle the next enemy or you can just battle her first before doing the grind, either way none of them ruin your grind. Now after that you need to get some high damage cards and some squirrels or some robots who will give you +3 blood. (forgot the name sorry) Then after that firstly overdamage the left side so you can have a clear path, like this. After that you can freely keep skipping turns to your heart-content. But beware that Starvation card would appear so maybe stop at 3-2 card just too make sure, it depends on you really. Lastly just hit end turn then boom overdamage and watch your foil counter go from 20-100 real fast (depends on how much extra damage you dealt like mine see? well it’s small i know so that’s why i told you it’s time-consuming and lastly don’t forget about your objective of defeating the boss yeah? you might get too hook up grinding foils that your opponent’s are just sadly waiting for you.

Thanks to Shuri for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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