It’s Not About The End: 100% Achievement Guide

Guidance for obtaining 100% achievements!



It’s Not About The End is a short walking simulator featuring eleven Steam achievements.

Items and memories can only be collected / triggered after finding the car. It’s in the garage:

Car Parts

Find all 4 Spark Plugs

Install all car parts

Spark Plug [1/4] – in the restaurant:

Spark Plug [2/4] and wheel – in front of the gas station:

Note: the wheel must be brought to the car immediately after taking it.

Electric Module – in a shed behind the lake, eastward of the garage:

Battery – on a chair at the soccer field behind the restaurant:

Spark Plug [3/4] – at the radio tower:

Gasoline – in the corn field in front of the radio tower:

Note: the gasoline must be brought to the car immediately after taking it.

Spark Plug [4/4] – on a well, behind the farm house on the other side of the road:


Home Sweet Home
Find the farm house memory

Enter the farm house:

Wooden Toy
Find the Wooden Toy

Read the letter inside the farm house and find the wooden horse outside:

First Kiss
Find the place of yout first kiss

The place is on a hill not far from the location where you found the wooden horse:

Set the mood
Change the main music

Interact with the radio next to the gas station:

Good Coffee, Good Times
Find the place where you used to drink your coffee

Sit down at the bench in front of the big “Sacramento Gas Station” street sign:

Never Forget
Find the letter

The letter is in a box behind the soccer field:

Wayward Son
Enter the car by the passenger side

After repairing the car, enter it from the passenger side. This may take a few tries:


Those were the best days of my life!
Finish the game

Repair the car and drive towards the sunset.

What a view
Find the secret ending

While driving, look for a small path on the right. Stop, get off the car and follow the path:

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