Jack troubles Basic Controls (Hidden Controls)

In the game Jack Troubles there are some hidden controls which the developer hidden for us to find. Here are some of his secret controls in this guide.


Basic Controls

Right-click targeting
WASD movement
The left Shift running
Left mouse button attack
Space leaping
The left Ctrl squats
Mouse control direction
R Loaded Weapons
G the bomb
Middle mouse button switch weapons


The Secret Controls
This controls are the controls that the developer hidden from us so we could go hunting for them. Here are all the ones I know.
T = slow time
V = Melee Attack
C or Mouse wheel = Thirdperson
Q = Moves the camera left
E = Moves the camera right
Z = Changes Firstperson shooting mode
These are all I know. I will update it with new controls when I find new ones.
Credit to Morgan Fun Gamer
Jack Troubles is a first-person shooter game, The player is a shooter with multiple weapons, Players are free to explore the surrounding area, Enemies are scattered around the player and inside buildings, Players can kill enemies or avoid enemy attacks and maintain health, Players can also grab enemy weapons.

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