Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass: Light-bulb Locations

Location and method of finding every light-bulb in the game.



Cloudy Hill
Only obtainable after unlocking Vampire
First you need to enter Cloudy Hill from the south, use Sunflower to grow a vine so you can climb over the brick wall in the middle of the level. Next, use Vampire to scare the cloud girl, then head east below the brick wall, jump over the gap in the clouds and the light-bulb will be floating above a pool of water.

Giant Garden
Only obtainable after defeating Punch Tanaka in The Wilted Lands
Head to where the Mr. Marvelous statue is, and then go straight left from there. Enter hole 8, and then hole 9.

The Wilted Lands
Make sure you have a Nutrition Cube on you, can be bought from Rubik on your first visit
From the beginning of the level go into the first cave on the right. When you get out of the cave head up. (Buy a Nutrition Cube from Rubik if you don’t have one and he’s still there.) Go into the cave entrance, and go right at the fork in the road. After exiting, go all the way right until you find the dog, feed it a Nutrition Cube and you’ll be able to access the light-bulb.

Central Stamen
To get this light-bulb you’ll need to get all the pollen in the level by shaking the different pollen plants. The first one is at the far right of the level from the entrance, after entering just head right and don’t stop until you find the bulb. The second one is across the small wooden bridge south of the electric fence. The last one is on the beaten path right next to the Central Stamen, you can make a climbable vine with sunflower east of the last bulb to make a shortcut back to the bees.

Sweet Melody

Legato Castle
Only obtainable after unlocking Bear
Go into the house with Cecillio in Legato Square. Upstairs will be a big button, use Bear’s ground pound on it. Afterward head into Legato Castle, make a left at the courtyard and go all the way into the jail. At the end will be the light-bulb and a toybox containing “Oh-So-Cool Castle.”

Legato Castle
Only obtainable after unlocking Pumpkin
Right before the dark cave there will be a door with two unlit torches next to it, light both of them with Pumpkin and head inside.

Fermata Forest
After defeating the Grumble Bear, go forward through the cave and use the first season change terminal you see, switch to Autumn, then head backwards, make a left after exiting the cave and walk as far south as you can, walk up the mushroom stairs and smash the boards blocking the cave entrance with Bird. Stay in Bird form and talk to the Squawker guarding the light-bulb.

Rainbow Park
From the entrance ride the hippo balloon, continue forward until the first fork in the road and head north, head east at the second. Go inside the building and complete the hedge maze, alternatively, talk to Ludwig in Mute Notes, he can complete the hedge maze for you but you’ll need to go back and switch on the light-bulb yourself.

Grim Echoes

Blood Marsh
To get the light-bulb you need to interact with two telephone plants, first grow the one in Blue Staff at the beginning of the level, then the one in Blood Marsh at the end of the level. From Blood Marsh dial up Windsor, he’ll tell you he’s in Blue staff, exit Blood Marsh and head to Blue Staff and interact with the telephone there. You will hear grunting noises and a large crash, go back to Blood Marsh and go behind the now destroyed telephone.

Whispering Valley
Only obtainable after unlocking Vampire
Enter the level from the north and go left, you’ll see a disembodied mouth, scare it with Vampire.

Examine every mirror in the hall of mirrors as anything except Vampire, “Jimmy sees a writhing mass of black clouds and glinting fangs in the mirror.” Means you will be attacked if you enter it with Vampire. Any other text means it’s safe to enter and has a light-bulb.


King’s March
The statues in the Eastern King’s March need to be examined in a specific order, for the order see image below.

Castle Dragon
You will need to be much higher leveled to get this light-bulb than on a first visit
From the entrance go into the left door, then head up. From there turn on the gas and go back to the entrance and then go into the bottom door and make a left. Use pumpkin to light the torch and go into the mirror as Vampire. While in the mirror go to the top of the castle and defeat the Sleeping Dragon.

Kung-Fu Tower
Defeat everybody on the third floor.

  • Talk to the Kung-Fu Instructor from behind after he turns around.
  • Go left, make a u-turn and talk to the N-Belt from behind.
  • Time it right so that you talk to the spinning N-Belt from behind.
  • Talk to the N-Belt blocking the way forward regularly, a fight here is unavoidable.
  • Walk straight up from the last N-Belt and go through the wall, tell the old man he shouldn’t stop scaring people.
    Left from the fork in the road
  • Talk to the N-Belt from the side, otherwise you’ll have to fight her.
    Right from the fork in the road
  • Use goon the push the N-Belt with her back to the wall so you can talk to her from behind.
  • Talk to the N-Belt blocking the stairs regularly, a fight here is unavoidable.

Secret Meridian

Temple of Sight
See image below.

Path of Enlightenment
Make a right at the exit, you’ll find a burrowing spot, go down it with either Blob or Sunflower and talk to the Pointman. Afterward go left from the exit and climb the purple arm.

Legs of the Ancient Giant
Use bear to ground pound on the cracked part of the bridge on the third floor.

The World’s Library
Go back to Castle Dragon and enter the mirror, from the entrance go into the right door and head up, take the floating book and go back to The World’s Library. Talk to the giant book at the entrance.

The Great Triangle
After falling into the snake pit with Captain Fish, let Mrs. Fish solve the puzzle and leave, then head right. Burrow into the sand pile with the sunflower symbol above it with Sunflower.


Sunset Beach
First you need to defeat the Whisper Weaver, which is accessible in the dark cave in Giant Garden after burning the spider web with Pumpkin. When Whisper Weaver is defeated, go back and talk to the Pointman. He will make the light-bulb in Sunset Beach (east of Bonita Vista) accessible.

Shinryu Fish Concern
In the big room with all the doors, go into the left door on the bottom floor, then shake the right vending machine and go into the drain with Blob.

Tetsuya Kawaii
Find all three mutants and scare them with Vampire.

  • On floor 90 go into through the door in the middle of the hallway, then go left through a second door.
  • On floor 89 enter the door straight north.
  • Go into any bathroom and go down the drain(s) until you get to the bathroom outside this hallway. (See image below.) Go into the door closest to you.
  • In the same hallway, go through the far left door and activate the program.

The Subway
Find the “EXIT” graffitti between the first and second stations, burrow directly under it with Sunflower.

Abandoned Cineplex
Go right from the entrance and make your way through all the movies, then go upstairs. One of the projectors will allow you to switch what’s playing, switch it, then go through each movie again until you get to the one of a desert island, and go through it.

Iron Flamingo

Iron Flamingo (Second Visit)
Enter the left door in the room with the vending machine and scan yourself as Punch Tanaka.

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