King of Seas: How to Boost Your Speed (Almost Unlimited Speed)

This is a guide for you guys who are enjoying the game but sometimes feeling like your dragging your butt around the map at a snails pace.

This hinges on the luck of acquiring a decent ethereal navigation or deadly wake though.



This guide will help you get the speed boost you’ve been dreaming about. This works regardless of wind direction and only out of combat.

First, you need either a Ethereal Navigation of a Deadly Wake of decent level and rarity. Whats most important is the DURATION of the skill.

There are 2 Talents that can help you as well, if you want to achieve true high speed like in the image above, you probably need to at the very least max out the first tier VOODOO talent for Buff Stat Improvement Duration. With the 5th Tier Skill Duration Buff Making another big difference but is not strictly necessary. (for true high speeds will help bring down the rarity/level requirement of equipment)

How it is Done

This hinges on the new skill refresh mechanic, where if you change skills while sailing, all skills (Slots 1-4) refresh at a set time (somewhere around 8-9 secs, might be affected by skill cooldown bonuses from equipment, not 100% sure)

here are the steps to keep in mind

1. So first you use your speed boost skill (Ethereal NAV /Deadly Wake, NOTE: NOT both at the same time, one or the other otherwise speed gets reset)

2. Immediately open inventory, then go to any of the skill slots and change the skill. (for example, when I use Ethereal NAV, due to it being the closest to the default INV position I switch the SPECIALIST SKILL from my usual PARTY PIRATES to any other skill in the same category with my ENTER key, I usually press it twice to get back to my original skill Party Pirates in case I run into trouble, its not important what skill is in this slot or how many times you change more than once.

NOTE: you have to change a usable skill (1-4 on keyboard) and it MUST be in a slot different from the speed boost you are using.

3. Close the Inventory and all skills will refresh at default rate.

NOTE: at this point you should also Immediately open the map, zoom in a bit and check course to avoid island and rocks ahead of time, if your speed is over 25 knots you generally cannot steer out of the way in time

4. You can spam the skill’s button as it approches the refresh time to maximize speed, then rinse and repeat.

Note here the Skills were not changed, forcing the skill to refresh at the skill’s own refresh time (you can tell the skill duration is over once the ship changes colour back to brown/red but the skill is nowhere close to resetting)
Note the Skill gauge at the bottom left, After changing skills the refresh time is defaulted to the much shorter new skill refresh time. (The Ship is still ghostly blue, and the skill is still active with the speed boost, but the skill is about to be ready to be used again)

Final Notes and tips

– This seems to be a bug but I hope the devs leave it in since it is only really accessible late game (around 50+) and solve the problem of not being able to get around the map fast enough/no fast travel options which can potentially grind down the end of the game where your not running away anymore, and you are often asked to go to a base defence on the other side of the map or look for seldom spawning rare fish.

-as a note, in a straight line with overlap boost you can go from one side to the other in about 3-4 mins it also take a bit to get up to high speed, and if you hit something it will basically reset.

– This requires a bit of talent draining into the VOODOO tree. but to be honest in late game you don’t actually need to fire a shot and can use full boosted magic to kill any ship including the bosses with quite the speed. so visiting the talent reset guy is worth at least a test.
I personally use the middle tree with full cannon buffs and only dipped into the VOODOO tree for the tier 1 boost and did just fine

– Even if you are unlucky and cannot get a good Specialist skill for overlapping boosts, you can still use this method to reduce cooldown for a 60-80% near constant speed boost to look for rare fish or reach a base defence.


there is a glitch where if your speed boosting a lot with Ethereal NAV the ghost particle effects and sound do not end even after your done boosts.
– The noise will disappear as soon as you enter and leave a port.
-the particles however will not go away for quite a long time (I think they stack duration) but it looks pretty cool anyway

I have not done full testing with deadly wake since I accidentally sold my lvl 60 gold deadly wake, but from, what i can see testing with my just-out-of-range lvl 45 deadly wake it should be possible in the same way

Thanks to Jack McKrackin for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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