Kingdoms Reborn: Save Game Location

Kingdoms Reborn is a city-builder with multiplayer and open world.  if you want to find the save file location, you may come to the right place.


How to Find the save file location for Kingdoms Reborn game?

It is in

USERNAME should be changed to your desktop username


How can I build faraway from the city center?
It is recommended for the current patch that you avoid building faraway, and use trading post/port/company to buy resources you can’t produce.
If you do build faraway, keep in mind that your citizens won’t walk farther than ~100 tiles.
Make sure you have houses near faraway workplace.
In the late game, you will unlock Colony (Building) which can be placed on resource nodes anywhere. Colony doesn’t require worker to build, and will produce resources for your main town once in a while.

Market and Logistics Office can help with resource transport for your faraway building cluster.

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