Kingsway Ascended Edition New Achievement Guide

With the ascended edition update Kingsway has recieved 6 new achievements and here is how to get them!


Level 5 Skill
“Fully upgrade a skill”
This is the easiest of the new achievements and only requires you to level a skill to level 5.

200 Gems
This achievement requires you to acquire 200 gems.

If you don’t purchase anything from the gem shop you should get this in two runs provided you beat the game both times.

Necromancer End
“Saved the world as the Necromancer”
Beat the game once with the new necromancer class.

My tip would be to level skeletons and lich king and not only focus your points in intellect as their skeletons don’t scale with magic power.
This makes them ideal as a battle wizard type character.

Ancient Spell
“Learn an ancient spell”
To get this achievement you need to acquire 3 books from ritual sites that can be found in mountain caves.

To read the books however you also need to collect 3 feathers of ascension from crypts and become ascended.

Once ascended, read all three books and the achievement is yours.

Cosmos King
“Ending #6”

Follow the same steps to gain the ancient spell achievement.

Once you’ve read the 3 aforementioned books you’ll learn the ascension gate spell.

Now you need to activate 5 monoliths on the map by giving them atleast 1 blue glowing items respectively.

Once the portals are activated head to the monolith gate at around the center of the map and once there activate the ascension gate spell when prompted in the dialogue box.

In the far away place you need to find the cosmos king, defeat him and take his crown for ending #6.

Be aware the far way place is full of level 20+ enemies so be prepared

Control the Sky Eater
“Ending #7”
When creating a new character choose the cosmos crown starting gift.

Now simply proceed to beat the game normally by getting to the kings castle and get teleported inside the sky eater.

When you reach the sky eaters heart a new prompt will appear if you have the cosmos crown equipped that allows you to control the sky eater.

Once in control hold the left arrow key and you have finished ending #7

Thanks to Emilio for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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