Lakeview Cabin 2: Easter Egg Guide (How to Beat & Find)

This is how to beat and find the easter egg in the beginning


Collecting The 1st Item
To start, you’ll need to head right and get into the only building you can get into. Go right and flip on the switch (you will not need to get the hidden shotgun thats nearby). Leave the building and go towards the ferris wheel that is now rotating. Ride it up till you reach a bit above the funhouse roof. Fall down and go to the edge. Repeat this with all characters, and throw each other to the neighboring roofs until you reach the 3rd roof. You will find an electric/light arrow of sorts, grab that and drop down. (I recommend going down the stairs with it, just in case).

Collecting The Second Item
The second item is very easy to find. All you have to do is pick up the light/electric orb infront of the fortune teller. Bring this down the stairs as well and head into the area underneath the dock.

How to use the items
With the light/electricity orb in hand, follow the right path till you see a man in goggles and a royal cloak of sorts. Chuck this ♥♥♥♥ right at his stupid ass head. He should explode, sending your character flying backwards, or maybe just being pushed back a bit (but thats the lame possibility).

Now with the character with the light/electricity arrow, go up the stairs and find a new enemy that looks an awful lot like the electric dude from that one scooby doo film. Hurl that ♥♥♥♥ at its dumb ass head. It should also explode and throw you backwards.

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