Lakeview Cabin 2: Episode 2 Guide (Version .025)

A guide to the various endings of Lakeview Cabin 2 Episode 2. Some endings are either in-development, or they have not been discovered yet. If I missed anything, let me know in the comments and I will update.



In Lakeview Cabin 2, Episode 2, you play as a group of actors from the Lakeview Cabin movies at a Lakeview Cabin convention. The convention is attacked by armed terrorists, “imposter” fans who attempt to murder the actors, and the ghost of the evil hotel owner, who occupies the locked penthouse. The entrance is locked, and only three golden keys can allow the cast to escape.

There currently appear to be two ways to escape which are totally unrelated:

  • By hunting down and killing the “imposter” fans, you can acquire the golden keys they secretly carry and escape. Escaping by only killing the imposter fans and keeping your entire cast alive appears to give you the good ending, in which the evil hotel owner turns to dust. This may not be the “best” ending, as Red appears at the end of the ending, crouching on the roof of the hotel.
  • By opening the penthouse door and revealing that the owner is dead, you summon his enormous ghost which attacks one floor of the hotel. By using a magic candlestick, one of your insane characters can shoot ghostly fireballs at the owner’s testicles, which are hanging outside the hotel in the “balcony” area. After three quick attacks, the owner runs away into the sky. Regardless of whether you run off the owner or not, three keys are dropped when you reveal that he is dead, allowing you to escape. The brief ending appears to show the building collapse no matter what. A longer ending may be in development, or there may be some secret not yet revealed.

Additionally, there are the terrorists. If you fail to find and safely deal with their bomb before its hidden timer counts down, then they will pop out of their rooms and shoot anyone they can find. If you deal with their bomb, then they will stay in their rooms forever as long as you don’t touch them or turn on the lights in their room.

Note: for some reason players have termed the evil fans “imposters,” but it is unclear why; they look like normal fans.

Dangers and how to avoid them.

  • Police – Police will shoot at all of your characters if one of the fans sees you holding a weapon, the bomb, or drugs. Police will also shoot at you if you pick them up. If you have activated the police, their gunshots can be easily avoided by running past them (they are very slow and tend to shoot themselves if you run from in-front of them to behind them). Two shots will kill a character though, and police may kill themselves or fans (possibly relevant for some endings) so it’s safer not to activate them. Carry weapons inside the flower box or suitcase, described under items, and pull them out inside a room: police and fans do not enter rooms.
  • Terrorists – Once they come out of their rooms, Terrorists walk back and forth along one hallway until they see a person. After a short pause, they fire their machine-guns continuously for several seconds until they turn around and run the other way. If you are unprepared, they can kill your character in one burst, or knock your character over and kill with their second burst. It’s best to leave terrorists in their rooms until you’re ready to kill them; they only come out when you touch them, turn on the lights in their room, let the bomb explode without finding it, or activate the final boss. If you see them and don’t have a weapon, just turn around or dash into a room. They are easy to avoid if you pay attention, but they kill a lot of fans and police.
  • Red Devil – A creepy, invincible devil-costumed person with an evil knife will attack and kill the actors if you leave them in the hallway. Once you see him, he will hunt your character even into a room until you change floors. Unlike most Rusty Lake killers, he seems to stop hunting you as the game goes on, perhaps once you find the Evil Knife in one of the rooms. Start every game by hiding all your characters in rooms to avoid this killer. He does not hunt the character you are controlling. He does not take damage from guns and attacks before you can hit him with melee weapons.
  • Ghosts – Ghosts will begin to chase and then attach to your actors once they are insane. They can be easily avoided, but if you mess up they are attached for good. They just slow your character down a little, so they aren’t a serious danger. If they bother you, they can be removed by becoming sane (by drinking alcohol or taking pills) or by using the magic candlestick on them.
  • Rats – Rats sometimes jump out of the boxes or furniture you open in the closets or rooms. They roam back and forth in their room and attack your actors. They are not too dangerous, but they do make you drop your items. If they hit you too many times, you can take damage and even die. It’s best to leave the room, then hit up-grab-up to enter, take any items, and leave forever. I even leave important items outside of rooms I explore in case any rats make me drop them. They can also be killed by throwing a rat-trap in the room, but that is an extra item to carry when they can just be avoided.

Note: The security room contains a camera which allows you to watch each of your actors while not controlling them. This is clearly meant to be used against the imposter fan in the devil outfit, but it seems unnecessary right not. It may be part of an undiscovered ending if the red devil is not actually one of the three imposter fans, but can somehow be killed.

Important Locations

  • Maps – Maps can be found throughout the hotel, and are extremely useful. They show where the security room is, where the magic closets are, and where the bar is. They also show the location of all of your characters with stars, next to small drawings to show which is which. Telephones are also shown.
  • Security Room – The security room is a blue door with a black peephole on it, and it looks like that on the map. It contains the bomb detector key item. It also contain a pile of clothes that show the hair pattern of two of the fake fans and a camera array that shows all of your characters (but is mostly useless).
  • Magic Closets – Two of the closets have glowing light coming out from beneath the door. When you enter one, you come out of the other. This teleportation is much more useful if the closets are randomly placed far apart from each other; sometimes they are just one floor apart.
  • Bathtubs – Some rooms contain bathtubs which are also teleporters. Once you enter a tub, hitting left or right appears to send you (and any item you are carrying) to a random other bathtub.
  • Bar – The bar is a long room with a neon sign outside. If you sit at the bar while insane, a bartender appears and gives you the axe, probably the best way to kill non-terrorists.
  • Penthouse – On the 12th floor is the only room which can’t be unlocked by the skeleton (“8”) key. This room contains a tommy-gun with unlimited ammo and the trigger for the final boss. Triggering the final boss drops three golden keys to exit the hotel. It has an “M” on the door, just like the “M” on the M Key.
  • “Key Room” – There is one room in the hotel with no door. It contains the M Key to unlock the Penthouse. It is pitch-black, but the M Key can usually (but not always) be seen through the wall of the neighboring room. Sometimes there is no neighboring room. It contains a red telephone, which is supposed to ring when called (this sometimes doesn’t work, and appears to be glitched). It can be entered by placing the bomb in the hall outside. A doorway will be blown through the wall when the bomb explodes.
  • Balconies – Almost every room has a window that can be used to get onto an outdoor level. This level is mostly useless, but it is the location of the final boss’s testicles. There are lifts on the left and right that can be used to go to any level. There are also crows nests that, when entered, float your character upwards and can be used to rise several levels. You can move left or right while floating.
  • Telephones – Telephones show the location of a key item, such as the skeleton key, the magnifying glass, the evil knife, or (for some reason) the liquor bottle. One phone calls the red phone in the penthouse. It is supposed to make the red phone ring, so you can locate the Key Room from the hallway, but this does not always work.

Note: the Balconies may be part of an undiscovered ending; the final boss floats upwards when attacked, but it is unclear if you can reach the roof somehow and get to where Red is shown in several endings.

Important Items

  • Flower Box – The most important item. The flower box is like a backpack from previous games: it can hold other items and throws them out when used. It comes with several useless flowers and a 3-shot shotgun. It can also be placed into a suitcase, allowing some organization. For example, if you want to carry the bomb detector and 7 other items, you can put the seven items into the flower box, then place the flower box and bomb detector into the suitcase. Then you have a 1/2 chance of pulling out the bomb detector when you use the suitcase instead of a 1/8 chance. Placing the bomb or weapons into the flower box prevents the police and fans from noticing.
  • Suitcase – The suitcase is like a super-powered backpack. It is identical to the flower box except that it can also hold characters. That’s right, you can carry all of your characters around in a suitcase. This is useful for speeding up your escape from the building. Placing the bomb or weapons into a suitcase prevents the police and fans from noticing.
  • Bomb Detector – Found in the Security Room, this detects bombs. When you are on the correct floor, it’s display turns into a straight line. When you are in front of the correct room, it’s wings go up.
  • Skeleton Key (or “8” Key) – The Skeleton key can unlock any room except the penthouse. It has a white tag with an “8” on it.
  • Magnifying Glass – This can identify the imposter fans by examining the Evil Knife (which shows the actual face of one of the imposters) and by examining the clothes on the floor of the Security Room (which shows the color and “hair pattern” of one imposter). Examining all of the fans will also reveal one fan with a white “X” hair pattern, which is the third imposter. Note that for some reason multiple fans have the colored “imposter hair pattern,” and the imposter revealed by the Evil Knife also seems to have the colored “imposter hair pattern.”
  • Evil Knife – This is a key item for the “detective” ending but is also a decent weapon for killing imposters and fans/police. Using it or even holding it may increase insanity; this isn’t clear.
  • Candlestick – Found in one of the halls in front of a memorial to a dead actor (not a playable character). If one of your characters is insane and holds the candlestick, attacking will shoot green flaming balls that can save you from ghosts and hurt the boss’s testicles.
  • Metal Detector – This useless items reveals which fans have guns. Hitting a person with it makes one of two sounds to indicate if they have a gun or not. Scan a cop to hear the pattern for “has a weapon.” Note that fans with guns are usually not imposters, and imposters do not always have guns.
  • Master Key – Found in the Key Room, unlocks the Penthouse.
  • Golden Keys – These unlock the entrance and end the game. They are either dropped by the Hotel Owner’s corpse in the Penthouse or by the Imposters when you kill them. They cannot be destroyed.
  • Pills and (Green) Alcohol – These restore your sanity; they do not get you drunk like in other games.
  • Glass Whiskey Decanter – The game treats this as a key item (it gets a phone), but it just cures insanity and has unlimited uses. Not really helpful.
  • Weapons – Weapons include 6-shot pistols, a 3-shot shotgun, a metal pipe, a wrench, and the evil knife. The only important weapons are: 1. The bar axe which decapitates in one hit. 2. The machine-guns which can be found in some terrorists rooms and have a large but limited ammo capacity, and 3. The Tommy-gun in the Penthouse. It has unlimited ammo and can be taken without activating the final boss.
  • Rattraps – Throwing them in a room will kill any rats that run over it. You can hit up-throw-up to throw it into a room with a rat with no risk. Unnecessary, since you can just run away from rats.

Note: the wrench, pipe, metal detector, and evil knife may be key to some undiscovered ending. They all seem to have too little use right now.


Here are the endings currently known:

  • In Memoriam – Kill all the actors to see the fans lay memorial wreaths while the hotel owner floats in his penthouse.
  • Police – If you kill too many police (or fans? or activate the terrorists?) then police will be waiting as your characters leave. They do not appear to arrest your characters.
  • Detectives Destroy the Owner – See next section. Get this ending by only allowing the three imposters to die, then leaving the hotel with all actors. The four stars in front of the hotel light up 1/2 at a time as each character leaves the hotel. When they are full, the hotel owner disintegrates into a pile of ash and Red appears in a flash of lightning on the roof. Probably the “Best” ending.
  • The Owner Collapses the Building – See next section. Opening the Penthouse and turning around the Owner’s chair reveals his corpse. Three gold keys are dropped, the building begins to shake, and the Owner’s enormous ghost attacks one of the floors. The owner can be defeated, but no matter what happens now, leaving the building seems to show the actors leaving before the building collapses entirely.

Note: the most likely other endings (either undiscovered or yet to be implemented by the dev) are 1. Somehow defeating the Owner in a different way to get a better “building collapses” ending” or 2. Defeating the Red Devil while he is still in his costume, by using the security room cameras to track his movements. It is unclear if Red Devil is one of the three Imposters, but he probably is since he carries the Evil Knife.

Detective Walkthrough

  • First, hide all your actors in rooms. This completely stops the Red Devil from attacking.
  • During all the early steps, keep an eye out for the flower box or the suitcases (both suitcases are always in the same room). These are essential for transporting the bomb without alerting security, and also allow you to carry the skeleton key at the same time as the bomb detector or magnifying glass. Also look out for the skeleton key, which is sometimes just lying on the ground (other times it is in a box in a utility closet or stored in one of the rooms.
  • Now you’re on a timer to stop the bomb. Take one of your characters to the Security Room. You can either use a map to find the room, or just walk one of your characters through each floor until you see it.
  • Take the bomb scanner and walk through the halls until you its display turns flat and its wings flip up. You found the bomb. If the bomb is in a locked room, you better hope you can find a key quickly. Any red key should open any room one time, or the white Skeleton Key can open any room.
  • Once you find the bomb, enter the room and take it out of its box/closet/bedside table. If you have a window, just take it out the window and throw it somewhere far away. Throwing it to the left or right of the building is definitely safe, but anywhere could be fine (not sure). If you don’t have a window, you want to take it out of the room to a room with a window without being noticed. You’ll need to bring the suitcase or flower box to the bomb room, put the bomb inside, and quickly carry the bomb to a room with a window to throw it away.
  • With the bomb disposed of and your actors safely in rooms, you’re safe now. Take it easy!
  • Now search the rooms for the magnifying glass and Evil Knife. This is best done with a suitcase/flower-box so you can grab both if you find them. Keep an eye out for the skeleton key. If you find the telephone that tells you where one of them is, then go there. They may be in a locked room.
  • Once you have the magnifying glass and Evil Knife, you’re ready to end this: hit the Evil Knife with the Magnifying glass to get a picture of one imposter. Go to the Security Room and hit the pile of clothes to get the “hair pattern” of one imposter (the “Evil Knife” imposter may also always have this same pattern). Pay attention to the color, shape, and direction of the hair; if anything is different, you have the wrong person.
  • Now go hit all the fans with the magnifying glass. If you see the person shown by the Evil Knife, anyone who matches the “imposter hair pattern” or anyone with a white “X” hair pattern, grab them. Throw them in a hotel room. They won’t leave, and no one will notice when you come back to kill them later.
  • Kill the “Evil Knife” person and “white X” person. They will drop golden keys. You may now have several “imposter hair pattern” people left. It’s not clear what to do here, but it may be that the person with a “wrong” costume (such as a girl’s costume with a mustache) is the real imposter. Kill them. If they drop a golden key, you got the right one.
  • Take all the keys and all your characters to the exit on the 1st floor. If you hold the keys in front of the door, they should disappear; after the third key the door will open.
  • To save time leaving, have each of your characters leave their rooms. As you walk out, place each of them into the suitcase as you go from the top to the bottom.

Congrats! Your characters leave, the Owner disintegrates in his Penthouse, and Red sits on the roof.

It’s not clear if you need to save all fans and police. Regardless, letting anyone see you with drugs, liquor, weapons, or the bomb is likely to alert police. They’re less likely to kill you than they are to shoot innocent fans or, often, themselves. So if you want to save everyone, don’t get caught. Note that picking up fans does not alert the police for some reason, though attacking them does.

Defeating the Hotel Owner in the Penthouse.

To defeat the hotel Owner, you need to find the Penthouse (“M”) Key, find the bomb, and place the bomb in front of the room with the M Key, all before the bomb explodes. You then have plenty of time to unlock the penthouse and descend the hotel hunting for the final boss.

To defeat the hotel Owner, you’ll need to locate several items: the bomb detector (or the bomb), the candlestick, and the hidden room with the M Key to the Penthouse.

Beating the level is much easier if you also find the Skeleton (“8”) key, the flower box, and the suitcases.

  • Move all of your actors into hotel rooms. You are now safe from the Red Devil.
  • Start searching for the M Key room by entering hotel rooms and looking right or left. If you see the M Key sitting in the dark, you found it. If you find the flower-box, suitcases, or bomb detector (in the Security Room), take them. Begin scanning each floor with the bomb detector as you search for the M Key room. Consider opening each drawer and cabinet in the guest rooms to try and find the skeleton key or bomb. The M Key room may only be visible from a locked room.
  • Once you have found the bomb (either by opening drawers or with the scanner) and the M Key room, place the bomb outside the room. Once it explodes, enter the new doorway and take the M Key.
  • Now you need to take the candlestick and M Key to the penthouse. The candlestick is always sitting in one of the hallways. You also need one character at the penthouse to be insane (white eyes, strange vision, slime or meat dripping from the top of the rooms).
  • Open the penthouse, enter, and activate the chair. The owners corpse spins around and drops three golden keys. His ghost appears and then flies out of the room.
  • Now take your insane actor with the candlestick and go down the floors until you see the top of the boss’s head. It is visible on the floor above the boss. Don’t go to the boss’s indoor floor; he cannot be killed there and will kill you in one hit.
  • Go out one of the windows in a hotel room and you should see the boss’s legs sticking out on the floor below you. Drop down (you can survive one floor drop with no damage), then use the candlestick to shoot green fireballs which will hit the boss’s testicles. He flies away after three quick hits.
  • Now take the golden keys and your actors (all in a suitcase if you can for time) to the front door. Hold each key one-by-one in front of the door to open it, then leave with each character one-by-one.

    Congrats! Your characters all leave and the building collapses.

Note: obviously it seems strange that attacking or not attacking the boss doesn’t change the ending. It’s also strange the the boss flies away instead of dying. There may be something more to it, or the dev may be adding more later. There is a book on the shelf in the Owner’s room that has the evil symbol on it, but currently appears inaccessible(?).

Thanks to coronavitae for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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