Lawless Lands: Abbreviation Lists

Some of the abbreviations you’ll see in game are explained in this guide.


ARM: Armor (This is the bonus armor value)

DRB: Durability (This is the max durability the weapon or armor has)

ACC: Accuracy (Bonus to accuracy when used/equipped)

CRI: Critical (Bonus to critical chance when used/equipped)

CNT: Counter Attack Rate

Magc: Magic (Magic weapons)

Rptr: Rupture (Slashing weapons)

Pctr: Puncture (Piercing weapons)

Ipct: Impact (Blunt weapons)

Holy: Holy (Silver/Blessed weapons)

INV: Inventory Slots

Res: Resistance

Lords: Lords (The money in the game)

Rch: Reach (Bonus initiative added for melee weapons)

Rng: Range (Bonus initiative added for ranged weapons)

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