Leaf Blower Revolution Idle Game: Infinite Gems (Cheat Engine)

Wanna get infinite anything in the game? Well this is how you do it…


1. This guide uses Cheat Engine. You have probably herd of it, some people don’t like it and some people don’t care… In the end, the worst you could do with it is crash the game… But if you really do something wrong, it could be worse if you don’t know what you are doing… Basicly, use at your own risk, not that there really is any…

2. You can use this to get infinite gems, now there are things you can buy to give you more gems so it may be “stealing” or “Priacy” even… What I am saying is that I HIGHLY reccomend supporting the developer as they have created a game that has put some joy with countless hours of playtime…

3. If I were you, I would play through the game before using this… It’s like a sandbox mode… Using it before may ruin your experience as you can skip large parts of grinding (or the whole reason the game was made). If you don’t like gridnding or any of that stuff, why are you playing it?

After doing some more self-research, this doesn’t work…
The addresses reset every time you reset are restart the game (I could’ve seen it coming, but I’m stupid)

If you know how to use cheat engine or want to try for yourself…

The Value type is a “Double”. This is where most people mess up as the default is is “4 Bytes” and most games don’t even use that value as part of the actual game…

If you are trying for yourself:
1. Look to see what you want to change, I reccomend 1.1. Turning ALBs off 1.2. Turning auto-upgrade off 1.3. Have the number be below 1000 as it starts to abreveate and can be hard to get an exact value. 1.4. Make sure nothing is moving leaves around, you want that number to be as static as possible, it will make it way easier

2. Go into cheat engine, open LBR, set the Value type (all of this is in the top right quadrant of CE), the “Scan Type” is default to “Exact Value”, but you can change this to whatever you want (whatever is easiest) and in value type how much of that thing you have (if I have 478 leaves, put that in) and click “First Scan” depending of how common the value is, it will give you results of it’s searches (ex. 1 is extreamly common number, so it will probobly give over 50,000,000 addresses. DON’T DO THIS it *may* crash Cheat Engine and slow down you PC, you won’t break anything, it will just overload…)

3. Go back into the game and change that value (If I had 478 leaves, blow another leaf off-screen to claim it, lets say after that you have 489 leaves, go back to CE and replace the original value (in this case, 478) with the new one (in this case, 489) and click “Next Scan”.

4. At this point, there should be about 1-10 results or enough to easily work with (If more that that, repeat step 3. If there are zero results, click “New Scan” and repeat from step 1). Sometimes it’s more obious that other times, but you should find one that has the exact value (if you have two screen you can confirm this by puting cheat engine and claiming leaves, if it changes in CE with the in-game value, that it’s the right one. Also also, if there are multiple that are showing up that appear as the correct value, the one closes to the top is the correct one, at least in my experience).

5. Double clicking on the bar with the correct address/value will add it to the address list (bottom), there you can add a name (or description as CE calls it) and easily edit the value to your liking.

This is an extreamly simple guide and there are other things that you may experience…

Everything below this guide is INVALID… (Except the Cheat Engine download…)

1. Setting up
As stated in the disclaimer, you will need cheat engine, as it will be the main thing powering this mod… (Cheat Engine Download[www.cheatengine.org], just click the big green “Download Cheat Engine” button to download. It also open source if you are one of those people)
You will also need the .CT file which you will find at the end of this guide.
After you download/install Cheat Engine you will want to have both Cheat Engine, and LBR running ready to go…

2. Changing Values
Once you have cheat engine installed, you want to open the .CT file and it should open in Cheat Engine, the bottom area should have all the Leaves, Flasks, Etc..

For now, lets look at the very top left of the window, there should be a computer monitor with a magnifying glass (it also has a rainbow border around it). You want to click on that and find LBR (as it should be running in the background), select it, and click “Open”.

Than click “Yes” when it asks to “Keep the current address list/code list”.

After that, if you look at the lower part it should show you under “Value” how much you have of the thing in game. You can double-click on the value for the apropriate thing you want to change.
You can also click the little box next to the Name and it will lock the current value. (If it has an X in the box the value is locked)

File Download
Here are the downloads for the .CT file. If CE is installed, it should open CE if you open the file. (there was both Dropbox (still avalible) and Mediafire, but the Mediafire download got removed by auto mod…)
Down Cheat Engine from this link: https://www.cheatengine.org/

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