Luck be a Landlord: Symbol & Item Guide

General tips, math, tables and a discussion of every single symbol and item in the game.



This guide is not including endless mode. The game is balanced to top out at 777 gold. To get further than that you need some kind of great combo, which is not usually required to win the game.
This means that to get to 777 you don’t actually need a great combo. Just a bunch of decent symbols combined with something extra (I’ll explain a little more about that later).
If I missed any symbols or items, be sure to let me know. It’s hard to know for sure with this game if you’ve seen everything.

Table for each round

You have a set number of spins in each round to get a certain amount of money. This means that you have to hit some specific marks. To get a good idea of what those marks are, here is a table to get this idea:

Money | Spins | Money per spin | Money per square
25 | 5 | 5 | 0.25
50 | 5 | 10 | 0.5
100 | 6 | 16.7 | 0.83
150 | 6 | 25 | 1.25
225 | 7 | 32 | 1.6
275 | 7 | 39 | 1.96
325 | 6 | 54 | 2.7
375 | 8 | 46.9 | 2.3
500 | 9 | 55.6 | 2.8
550 | 9 | 61 | 3
650 | 10 | 65 | 3.25
777 | 10 | 77.7 | 3.89

This means that on the first five spins, you can make rent without taking a single symbol, but after that you slowly need to start averaging 1 per square. From 150 you need to transition to 2 per square on average and from 550 you need to be making 3 per square on average.
It also means that if you’re already making 77 per turn before the end of the run, you don’t really need anything special anymore, but you can focus on cleaning up the inventory and adding a few more things to make sure you make rent at the end.

A lot of the time, you can even get away with just having all of your symbols be 3 value and saving up a little bit before the end. If you have 177 gold saved before the final round and make an average of 3 per square, you are still going to make rent at the end.
Hopefully this table helps a bit in gauging how much you need to make in each part of the game and to know if you’re on track or not.

How to approach the game

The above table tells us that early on we can get by with just a few things, but we need to transition to making more and more per square on average constantly. This is a big strike against the consuming symbols (Dwarf, Toddler, etc), since they make you a quick buck early, but will do less and less as the run goes on, eventually being a real downer on your average money.
Exceptions are the rare consumers that become more valuable as they consume (Archaeologist, Diver, etc). Those are always great and break even after eating even a single item (at which point they are worth 3 gold a piece).

That said, early on it’s important to take enough symbols to stay alive. If you’re taking symbols that are worth 1, it helps to focus on the ones that are easy to make better later in the run by items or synergies.

Be careful not to spread yourself too thin. If you have a Toddler, a Dwarf, a Bounty Hunter and a Bear you’re always going to end up falling short at some point, since all of those are worth 1 throughout the run. If you’re going with an early Dwarf, try to not take other consumers and focus on making the Dwarf good instead of taking multiple angles that all have to keep working out for the whole thing to be worth it.

It can be good when you’re able to go all-in, but that won’t always happen. You might want to do something with Flowers or Cultists and end up with just 2. That’s okay, as long as you focus on taking higher-value symbols instead of clinging to the hope that this one thing that you wanted to do on spin 3 isn’t going to stop you from doing something else strong on spin 30.
If none of the crazy synergies happen, just focus on picking things that are worth 2 and after that focus on picking things that are worth 3. That way, you’re most likely to stay in the run until something stronger shows up.

Don’t be afraid to pick a 3 value item if it doesn’t synergize with anything you already have. It’s going to outperform the 1 value items you still have and won’t be a liability unless you already have something very strong going on.

It helps to theme your picks a little bit to make for a possible big payoff later. If you took a Peach early and later on you have to pick between a Plum and a Copper, going for the Plum will be better if you have some synergy with fruits coming up.

Items are the thing to watch out for. For example: if you took a Wolf early to have something that is worth 2, Quigly the Wolf will be great for you, as it makes all wolves worth 3. It makes the Wolf pick from earlier better and gives you more opportunities to pick more and more 3 value symbols.
Of course, at that time you’re actively hoping for Moons and Beastmasters, but you don’t need them to turn the wolves into a win. Just look for any synergy you can and have all of the 3 value items you can.

Common symbols (part 1)

Mediocre. Works well with monkeys and has some other synergies but the banana peel is hard to get rid of sometimes. Okay to pick up if you have a Thief and a Monkey already, but can be a reason that the transition to the late game may be slow.
Banana Peel:
Only take this if you already have a Thief that you need to get rid of.
Bad. Bears are worth 1 and can be worth 2 with the item that doubles them. Honey is good enough on its own and usually better to have on the board than consuming for a one-time gain. Goldilocks is just 50 gold and definitely not worth putting three symbols in your deck that only give 1.
Only pick if you have to or if you have ways to make them pay out a lot.
Okay if you’re planning on going with Dwarves, but not good on its own. Happy Hour can mitigate this, but will hurt you late-game if you don’t have a plan for it.
Bounty Hunter:
Very bad. Only gives 1 and only deals with Thieves that you want to have build up a bit first before offing them. Taking one early is usually bad and even later I’m very hesitant to have them on board.
Pretty bad unless you already have a Toddler. Being worth 1 is often bad.
Lots of synergies, especially since you start off with one. Usually best to not pick them up unless you already have something to make them good.
Can do work with Mouse, and has some food synergies, but as a 1 gold item it’s often still going to be underwhelming. Pick it early if you already have a mouse, otherwise it’s often good to go for something else.
You start with one and it’s almost always just going to be worth 1. Can be destroyed with Mrs. Fruit, which is great, but otherwise not a great pickup.
Great if you can get away with it. Diamonds are worth 5, which is a really great amount. They also scale well with a number of factors, since they have a lot of synergies.
Always pick these if you know you can make rent this month.
Can be extremely strong if you can get a lot of them and have them show up consistently. A liability if there are only a few or if you have a lot of other symbols. Diver is a great backup plan if you can get it, so it’s okay to hedge your bets and pick up one or two of these if you see them. If you have a lot of them, you can actually try to make them work for you consistently.
Watch out when adding symbols that increase your rare chance, since they make it less likely to find more Crabs.
Gives 1.2 Every turn on average, has some interesting synergies. Doesn’t scale well with the game, but okay if you need to pick something.
Can easily take over the game if you have a bunch of them, but can be difficult to get more than a few of. Probably the strongest common if you can get multiples. Always pick it if you don’t have anything else going on, leave it if you have a lot of symbols already.
This might be the worst symbol in the game. It’s worth 1 and the only way to make it do more (apart from random animal synergies) is to turn it into a wolf. Don’t pick this unless you really have to.
The drinks can give you a nice boost and works well with the Bartender if you have it, but can be a liability later in the run. Be careful with adding something like this and don’t add more symbols like this if you can help it.
Has a bunch of very good interactions, but the way it multiplies can be a giant downside if you don’t have it yet. Try to wait to get the synergy first, so that you don’t pollute your symbol pool too much early.
Has a few really nice synergies, but it’s very difficult to get critical mass on them. Water and suns are strong with this, but it’s rare that you actually want to actively pick them up.
Okay early if you don’t have anything going on, but since it’s often hard to make them consistently good, you often want to do something else than this.
Pretty bad. Synergies with the item that gives +2 on gold and with Midas, but very rare that it does anything. Don’t pick this unless it’s worth 3.
Not a lot of ways to make this do anything more than give 1, but is great with both the Diver and the Fish Bowl. Usually there is something better if you don’t have either of those.
Probably best to avoid this, but the chance to have the Golden Egg is obviously fun. I personally can’t resist picking this up if I have nothing going on yet, but it’s very unlikely to pay out, so it’s probably not good.
Nice to get one early since it’s very easy to remove. Combine with a lockbox or a safe for a quick buck.
Light Bulb:
Decent if you’re looking to do something with Flowers. Given that you start with a flower, is usually a little bit better than other 1 cost symbols early.
The -1 per turn can work out to hold you back a lot if you’re not careful, but it does pay out 1.2 on average over the longer haul. Has a bunch of synergies, but will often be dead weight. Pick if you have to, but don’t count on it being really strong.
With a Tax Evasion, the bonus is 2.2, which is fine for the mid-game.
Can do great work, but will stay in your deck as a 1 gold symbol unless you have some way to destroy him (which is pretty rare). The ores can give you extremely strong items, but can also easily give you a bunch of pearls that might be difficult to get rid of.
Not a shame to take if you have to, but not a symbol to actively strive towards early.
If you already have a golem or some big ores, can be a good pickup to try your luck. Also great if you have an X-Ray.
Okay pickup, mostly because of its interaction with Coconuts. Bananas are a double-edged sword since they are extremely hard to remove. The monkey itself brings only 1, so it’s hard to have it be worth more than that later in the game.
Okay to pick up early if you want an early boost, but will hold you back late.
Not a great pickup as there are no ways to destroy it. Has nice interactions with Cheese and Ninjas and can even be a good pickup in the middle part of the run. Can be a decent hedge, but watch out picking this up if you don’t already have something to make it good.
Can give great things, but kind of bad on its own. Pick if you already have a Mining Pick or a Miner, or if you need any symbol. Not hard to get rid of, but might become a Pearl or other mediocre symbol.
Gives 1.3 every spin on average. Okay to start off with, but does fall off a lot later. Has decent synergies if you pick them up.
Will pollute your deck with Pearls unless you have a way to get rid of them like a Diver or Archaeologist. Getting stuck with a constant stream of Pearls will often lose you a run later. Only pick this if you already have a way to get rid of the Pearls.
Only worth 1, so not a good pickup usually. Has a really high amount of synergies though, so it’s often worth it to get these later on. The fact that both Oysters and Ore give these means that you don’t usually have to actually pick them.
Doesn’t have a lot of great synergies. Don’t take unless you have some ways to already make it good, or unless you can’t make rent otherwise.
Many things you can get are kind of bad, so this will often backfire. Can be good if you’re actively looking for Flowers or Fruit, but will usually be bad to pick.
Shiny Pebble:
Only worth 1 at first, but the increased chance for higher rarities stacks up quickly. Does great work in a lot of runs and can get eaten by an Archaeologist if you manage to get one.
Gives 5 every 4 spins, which averages out to 1.2 per spin. Has some synergies, but is hard to actually get enough value out of to have it be worth a place in your deck. Not a shame to have, but usually best to just pass on it.
Three-Sided Die:
Good early pickup. Worth 2 on average and has two items that are great with it. No synergies so doesn’t scale well into the late game, but can get you through the early game without much help.

Common symbols part 2

Pretty bad. Even with a Jack-O-Lantern, only 2 gold. Candy and Piñatas also just give 1, so only good for a temporary boost. Can get you through the early game if you really need something, but will almost always actively hinder you late game.
Gives 1.3 per spin on average. Doesn’t scale well into the later stages of the game, but can be eaten by a diver if you have it. Not a great pickup, but not actively bad if you have to pick something.
Great pickup, since it’s easy to get rid of with a Gravedigger (common item). The spirit it gets you is extremely strong.

Uncommon symbols

Not great, but can do okay work. An uncommon that gives 1 on its own is bad, but if you have the Sun + Flowers going, can do work. Not a good pickup unless you’re actively focusing on Flower synergies.
Big Ore:
Can be good just as a 2 cost symbol, but great if you can break it open. Often great early, or if you have a specific plan with it.
Big Urn:
Good as a 2 value symbol and has great synergies with the Grave Robber. Auto-pickup early, only pick it late if you have a Grave Robber.
Often worth it as something that gives 2. Has synergies, but will usually just stay as a 2 for the rest of the run.
Bronze Arrow:
This symbol will on average point to 1.33 other symbols. Will often pay out an okay amount and scales with the other symbols you have. Best when you have some strong things going on already.
Buffing Capsule:
Gets stronger as the game goes later. Only gives a one-time buff, but that buff can be really strong. Usually a good pickup, almost always better than skip.
Chemical Seven:
The one-time boost of 7 gold is nice, even if you’re not looking to get the 7-item right now. Often correct to pick up if there aren’t any symbols that give you a good permanent boost.
Only pick this if you actively want a chicken. Remember that Chickens are only worth 2 on their own and they produce Eggs, which are only worth 1. You better have a good plan if you’re picking this.
Only pick this up if you have a Monkey. Good payoff for the Monkey, as the Half Coconuts are worth 2. Only worth 1 itself, so be sure to only use this early, when your item pool is still small.
Coconut Half:
Worth 2, which is good on its own. If you have a Monkey, will definitely be worth it, but don’t add a monkey to make the Coconut Half good since the Monkey will be worse in the long run.
One of the worst gems, but being worth 2 is often what you need to transition into the midgame. Has okay synergies, but isn’t great late-game.
Five-Sided Die:
Will pay out an average of 3 each spin. Great early, doesn’t have a lot of synergies, so can be a liability late game.
Great if you’re looking for Ores, can junk up your deck if you’re not looking for Ores. Only pick this if you really want as many Ores as possible.
Hex of Destruction:
Can get rid of bad symbols for you, but can also backfire as the run goes longer. At its best when you have symbols that add other symbols or symbols that you actively want to destroy. Also a symbol you want to pair with a lot of ways to pick up rares, so that the symbols that you are destroying can be replaced with better ones.
Hex of Emptiness:
The fact that this gives 3 is good, but missing on one third of your picks can really be a big deal over a full run. Sometimes you need this, but can also lose you the run long-term. Pick with caution!
Hex of Tedium:
Can be great if you’re actively looking for Crabs or Cultists. Can also handicap you, since rares are often the best way to deal with the late game. Sometimes you need something like this to stay in the game, but be careful not to have it hinder your progress too much.
Hex of Thievery:
Will pay decently on average, just under 3. Can be good with Tax Evasion, but can also randomly end a run if it comes up -3 three times in a row.
Hustling Capsule:
Will do a lot over time, but will hinder you in the short term. Pick it if you can get away with it, but be careful not to lose the run because of it.
Item Capsule:
Common items can do a lot for you, but are not guaranteed to be good. Usually worth it, but can easily give you no advantage. If you have possible gains from it, is almost always better than a skip.
Lucky Capsule:
Getting a rare symbol is often extrely strong, but you are skipping a turn to do it. Usually correct, but other symbols might be better to take, especially just before the end of the month.
Matryoshka Doll:
Great early pickup. Starts off as 0, but quickly scales to 2 and 3, ending at 4. Don’t pick this up late, but if you see one early it scales with the rest of the pool perfectly. No synergies, but as it ends on 4 it doesn’t need them.
Decent to add in the middle stages of the game, has a bunch of good interactions.
Just a decent 2 gold piece of fruit. Good to transition into the mid-game or to feed to Mrs. Fruit.
Giving 2 is great for the mid-game and have a few ways to be relevant later. Good pickup if you’re looking for 2s.
Giving 2 is great for the mid-game and have a few ways to be relevant later. Good pickup if you’re looking for 2s.
Rabbit Fluff:
Worth 2, which is great and also increased rare chance, which is really strong. Often a great pickup. Can also be +3 with Nori.
Decent 2-cost symbol that plays well with Flowers if you’re going for that. Has a few ways to be better than that, so okay early pickup. Can fall off late-game if you don’t have synergies.
Gives 1.5 gold per spin on average. Not great for an uncommon and the synergies aren’t great. Usually not the right pick unless you already have something to make it better.
Note that the Thief is Uncommon, so if you have a Banana Peel laying around you might not see the Thief pop up. Okay to take early, usually there are ways to get rid of it. Later on, only pick it if you have a plan for it.
Gets shut off by Tax Evasion or Anthropology Degree, so make sure to look at your items when picking this up.
As a 2-cost symbol, this is a decent one to add early. Has synergies, so good to pick early, but not so much late, as it’s not easy to get rid of.
Nice if you have a Key or Lockpick, often not worth it on its own. For an uncommon you can usually do better if you don’t have something to open this quickly.
Worth 2, which is great early. Has nice synergies.
Suits (Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades):
You start with one of these off the bat. Can be a great strategy if you get a bunch of them, also has some items that interact with them and the Jester is completely busted with this. That said, they are uncommon and need a lot to get going. Hard to have them be on consistently.
Void Creature:
Great symbol that either makes your empty spaces pay out or it destroys itself for 8 gold. Almost always a great pick, although it doesn’t give any lasting benefits.
Interacts with Shrine to give you a Spirit, which is nice.
Void Stone:
Great symbol that either makes your empty spaces pay out or it destroys itself for 8 gold. Almost always a great pick, although it doesn’t give any lasting benefits.
Decent as a 2-cost item. Can be better with Happy Hour. Don’t add Dwarves because you have Wine, it’s better on its own than a Dwarf. Good add if you already have a Dwarf.
Decent as a 2 gold symbol. Has some synergies, but will usually just stay as a 2 throughout the run. Decent pickup early or if you already have synergies.
Wealthy Capsule:
Great to give you a quick boost and is better than any other single item for one turn. Doesn’t give any permanent benefit, so can be a downside in the long run if there are other symbols that might give you better benefits.

Rare (and up) symbols

As a 3-cost, often an auto-pick. Has nice synergies.
Very strong character that grows with Ore, Pebbles and Pearls. Always a great pickup.
The bartender gives 3 so is already paying for himself. If you have a Dwarf or Happy Hour he’s usually good, otherwise you might want a way to get rid of Beers.
Works well with a large number of different other symbols. Only worth 2 on its own and a lot of the other symbols are low-value, so can backfire. Can also mitigate a run where things haven’t been going extremely well.
It’s worth 3 and adds symbols that are worth 3. It also adds Bees, which only add 1 on their own, but is generally an auto-pickup.
Can give great bonuses on your food symbols, but not guaranteed to pay out. As a 2-value symbol not an auto-pick, but will often be decent because of the amount of good food items available.
More often found by hatching an Egg than from picking the symbol. Can be good when combined with certain items, but can ruin a good run if you don’t have a plan to get rid of the Eggs.
Gems are already very valuable and the Dame makes them even better. Diamonds are some of the strongest symbols in the game and the Dame makes them better too. Very strong pickup. Her drinking Martinis is a drawback, but not one that should stop you from picking her up.
Great symbol that eats Pearls and a few other symbols that you generally want to lose. Almost always a great pick.
As a 3-value symbol usually an auto-pickup. Has great synergies.
Since it gives only 2 on its own it’s not a great late-game symbol on its own. It doubles the value of a lot of symbols though, so it’s not hard to have it do a lot of work. Can push your deck from decent to good, but might also end up doing nothing in the later stages of the run if you’re not careful.
General Zaroff:
Can give you a bunch of temporary money and is great for getting rid of symbols that you don’t want anymore. Can also handicap you, since a lot of the best strategies in the game involve getting a human that eats symbols and scales higher and higher. Also only gives 1 on his own, so only pick up if you have multiple humans that you don’t want anymore and no humans that you really want to keep.
Golden Egg:
As a 3 value symbol, this is great. Also has food synergies with the Chef.
As a 3-cost this is usually an auto-pick. Don’t pick Bears to synergize with this, as Bears are bad.
This is the main reason that Suits are really strong, as the Joker can knock things out of the park for you. Only good if you’re going with a lot of suits, but the easiest symbol to completely break the game with.
King Midas:
Can be good if you have the Item that makes Coins better. Otherwise will just fill your deck up with Symbols that are worth 1. Usually bad, but can be good in the perfect circumstances.
Being worth 3 means it’s often an auto-pick. Synergies with Happy Hour. The fact that Dame drinks it is more often a downside than an upside.
Provides you with Ore and a Pick. Can be good if you’re not doing other synergies, but not a forced pickup in any case.
As a 3 value symbol this is always good. Boosting Wolves is great, Owls and Rabbits can be a nice bonus if you’ve got them.
Mrs Fruit:
One of the stronger symbols in the game. At worst she eats your starting Cherry and continues to be worth 3, at best you can stuff her with all kinds of fruit and have her be worth a lot.
As a 3-cost, this is usually an auto-pick. Not a lot of synergies, but always decent.
Robin Hood:
Averages 3.25 each spin on its own. Very strong and can be buffed in multiple ways. Definitely a good pickup.
Solid 3 value symbol with some nice synergies.
Silver Arrow:
Can multiply your values by a lot. Points to 1.33 symbols on average and multiplying them by 3 will often be extremely strong later in the run.
As a 4-cost is an auto-pick. It destroying itself is a downside, but it’s almost always going to be better than what you already have going on.
A great 3-value fruit with fruit synergies.
Gives 3 by definition. Doubling the value of flowers can get out of control if you have multiple synergies. Great pickup, especially since you start with a flower already.
It’s worth 3 on its own and produces Spirits which are worth 4. One of the better pickups in the game.
Treasure Chest:
If you have a way to break this, it’s an always pick. If you don’t it’s often still correct to pick this up as a 2 value item that you can break later.
Can be extremely strong if you’re already on Hexes, Spirits or Cats. Only gives 2 on her own, so needs to be paired with other things to be really strong. Can be busted if you have certain synergies like Undertaker.
Very Rare:
Card Shark:
Wildcards are some of the strongest things to do in the game. Turning them into Wildcards is often going to be a good choice. The Shark itself only gives 2, but you start with a Suit, so it’s not rare to want this.
You’re more likely to find this from Coal, but it can be found in symbol picks as well sometimes. Always pick this up when you can.
Golden Arrow:
Extremely strong Symbol
A symbol that gives 6 is very strong. This is almost always going to be the correct pickup.
Mega Chest:
Gives 3 up front and a huge amount of gold when opened. Definitely a great pickup.
Gives 4 so is usually an auto-pickup.
Will usually be better than other thing you can pick up, except when another symbol gives you specific synergies.

Common items

Black Pepper:
Destroying symbols is very common, so this will often net you a lot of gold over the course of a run. Tends to average under 1 per spin though.
Blue Pepper:
Great early, when you have a bunch of empty spaces. Falls off quickly though.
Checkered Flag:
Can do a lot to mitigate the mediocre animals in the game. Good pickup if you already have something to do with it, otherwise often not worth a pickup. Robin Hood is good without it, but this makes him a lot better, so that’s a good reason to pick this up.
Coin on a String:
Will usually give a few gold before randomly destroying itself. Better than a skip, but not by much.
Egg Carton:
Great scaling item that can give you up to 6 gold per turn. Good to combine with a Chicken, but you can pick up random Eggs throughout the rest of the run too. Might not do anything for the next few spins, but will usually do more and more as the run continues.
Fish Bowl:
Gives a way to get rid of Fish as well as a constant benefit throughout the run. Has no maximum, so you can just keep on filling the bowl with Fish. Great pickup, although it doesn’t scale perfectly with the game.
Frying Pan:
Good solution if you have a chicken. You don’t need Cheese to use this, multiple Eggs are fine. Might not do anything sometimes, but the fact that it can make Omelettes can really be a great boon sometimes.
Grave Robber:
Great item that is strong early and scales well into the later game. I tend to pick this over almost any other common item.
Green Pepper:
Getting three symbols to be the same is often easy. Decent pickup in most situations.
Happy Hour:
Makes Wine and Martini significantly stronger. Great pickup in most situations.
Toddlers and Candy are often not a great strategy, but if you have already picked either of those, this is a good way to mitigate the damage.
Makes all kinds of treasures worth taking without needing a key. Great pickup.
Lucky Cat:
Rarity is great to strive for and you start off with a cat. Will usually be worth it.
Lucky Seven:
Doesn’t do anything on its own, but if you manage to get three of them, the payout is really nice. Better than skip, but will often not do anything.
It might give nothing some percent of the time, but there are a few really good gets in there, which means that this will often pay out enough to carry you for a bit.
Maxwell the Bear:
Sadly, this does not make Bears good. Early on, you can use this to make the Bears be worth 2, which is fine. It’s not 3 though.
Once you have a Bear or two, this is good mitigation, so that’s a reason to pick it up.
Mining Pick:
Can be good early to get some nice symbols out of the ore, but Ore is unreliable and this can give you a bunch of junk late. Can make a run great in combination with other things.
Ninja and Mouse:
Can be great if you have a reasonable chance to get these two together. Ninja is often already a decent pickup and you might have picked up a mouse early. Will often not do anything, but when it does, can help you in the mid-game a lot.
Oswald the Monkey:
If you already have a Monkey, a great pickup, otherwise unlikely to do much.
Piggy Bank:
Will pay out double of what it has eaten. The longer you can keep this around, the better it gets. Definitely worth the pick.
Pizza the Cat:
Cats giving out more is nice, especially since you start off with one. If you get multiple Cat items these can even carry you later on in the run. Early on it’s just mitigation for the one Cat though.
Pool Ball:
Great to have a permanent 1 gold every spin. No synergies or other spectacular things, but always relevant and okay.
Purple Pepper:
Having three of the same symbol be adjacent is something that happens a lot later in the run. Synergies with many strategies, never bad to have.
Red Pepper:
Very difficult to pull off, since many good strategies involve getting duplicates. Not bad, but there are often better items.
Great item if you have dice. Will mitigate the worse rolls and generally will add gold to your account.
Rusty Gear:
Many strategies rely on having the same symbol show up a lot. This will often give you an advantage and it scales with the run.
Small Symbol Bomb:
Gets you two draft picks, which is always better than a skip. Seems more likely to give commons?
Swear Jar:
Should get obsolete quickly as you get more and more money pouring in, but can save your hide early.
Tax Evasion:
Has a lot of interesting synergies (and the anti-synergy of shutting off the Thief), but isn’t spectacular. Good pickup if you have nothing else that gives you a clear benefit, or if you have symbols that cause you to lose money. Often there are better options though.
Wanted Poster:
Good if you’re planning to use Thieves, will often not do anything, since Thieves are Uncommon and can be hard to get rid of.
Watering Can:
Seeds are hard to get and will often not give the desired result. It’s very rare to want this item.
White Pepper:
Okay item that gives you an average of 1 gold each spin. Not spectacular, but definitely an okay pickup at any stage of the run. It’s not realistic to try to get exactly 3 every spin, as there is just too much randomness involved.
Yellow Pepper:
Almost sure to pay out late game. Most common reason for this to not pay out is the fact that destoyed symbols leave an open space in your inventory.

Uncommon items

Anthropology Degree:
Has a lot of nice hits since many of the stronger symbols in the game are humans. Often a great pickup, but might just give 1 per spin sometimes.
Barrel of Dwarves:
Dwarves aren’t even that good. There might be a number of Bartenders where you could justify using this, but it’s not something that is likely to do a lot.
Most probable reason for wanting this is to feed the General.
Big Symbol Bomb:
Getting to add four symbols is great and can help a lot.
Works well with a few symbols. Great if you already have one of them but can often do nothing.
Black Cat:
The 13 thing is unlikely to ever come up, but Cats giving out 3x more is really strong, especially since you start out with a Cat. Often a great pickup.
Black Suits:
Since you start with a suit, there’s a 50/50 chance that this makes it better already. Can be decent mitigation, but Suits can also be a valid late-game strategy. Often decent.
Capsule Machine:
Capsules are extremely strong and doubling them will often be stronger. Almost always a very strong pick.
Cleaning Rag:
There are so many ways to get gems that this item will often win the run for you. Usually a great pickup.
Clear Sky:
Suns and Moons can be completely overpowered if they affect all symbols on the board. Both are rare, as well as this item, but if you already have a sun or moon and are planning to have synergies, definitely pick this up.
Comfy Pillow:
This can give you some really strong symbols if you’re already doing well. Useless if you’re not ahead, but can put a decent run over the top.
Compost Heap:
The one way to really get going with seeds. Can be sustainable, but it’s unclear how strong it is.
Conveyor Belt:
Can help with Eggs or Pearls, but will often not do anything. Only pick if you have a plan for it.
Dwarven Anvil:
You generally shouldn’t pick Dwarves, but this gives a nice out if you’re already on the Ores plan with no way of destroying them. Usually not the way to go, but can be nice sometimes.
If you’re looking to work with seeds, this is probably the way to make them worth it. Seeds don’t show up a lot, so it can be difficult to get advantage out of this, but this can randomly save a run if you’re struggling.
Can pay out when you’re already on this strategy but the 50 gold is usually not going to make or break your run. Pick it if you’re already doing suits.
Fruit Basket:
There are enough fruits that you will usually pick up that this item is usually going to give you great value. If you somehow have 0 fruit, feel free to skip it, but it’s usually going to be a very strong item to have.
Since Bears are bad, this is also kind of bad. 50 gold is not enough of a reward to have three bad symbols in your pool. Only pick this if you already have the Bears.
Getting a permanent +2 is great, but not gamebreaking. Often a decent option if there are not synergistic options.
An uncommon item that isn’t good late means that by the time you see this it’s usually not good anymore. That said, it’s better than a skip.
Looting Glove:
Getting doubles from chests and other collectibles can be very strong. If you have a Lockpick, picking this is often correct, otherwise it can’t hurt and can do a lot of good.
Nori the Rabbit:
Rabbits are generally not the pick, but Rabbit Fluff is already so strong that picking this item often gives you value. Great pickup.
Quigley the Wolf:
Makes wolves and dogs viable as a late game strategy. Good pickup.
Rain Cloud:
Making all of the Rains be worth 3 is very strong and making them common means it’s easy to have them do a lot. Decent pickup if you don’t have Rain yet, extremely strong if you do.
Red Suits:
Since you start with a suit, there’s a 50/50 chance that this makes it better already. Can be decent mitigation, but Suits can also be a valid late-game strategy. Often decent.
Ritual Candle:
Great if you already have hexes, but Hexes can be too hard to deal with if you’re not already running them. Can turn a problematic situation around.
Shattered Mirror:
Giving up a symbol choice is a heavy price to pay for 2.3 gold every spin. If you can avoid picking this up it’s usually best to do so.
Shedding Season:
It’s rare to have a Rabbit around when you have this, since there aren’t a lot of reasons to add them. You can also get overrun with Rabbit Fluff, which is a 2 value item on its own and can’t easily be destroyed. Take care with this one, although it can help you pick up some very strong symbols later.
Souls are extremely good, so if you get this to work it’s great. Can be hard to pull off, but it’s worth trying since Spirits are worth 4 and will often win if you have enough of them.
Time Machine:
A great way to make Coal a bit better. If you have Coal on the board, getting this can really speed up your run. If it’s early, this can help you take Coal too.
Triple Coins:
This makes the single coin you start with finally pay out. It’s also a good incentive to take King Midas. There are often better items to choose from, but it’s never bad.
X-Ray Machine:
This item is extremely strong if you can get some Ores cracking. Everything you get from this will be 3 value or better. Can easily win a run when combined with something that can destroy Ores.

Rare (and up) items

Booster Pack:
Getting a guaranteed rare is very strong, but the other symbols are not to be overlooked. Strong choice that might give nothing or a whole bunch.
Bowling Ball:
Free money is always good. Not the strongest thing out there at rare, but a constant and steady value throughout the game is worth something.
You’d rather have an item that helps you make your rent, but this can help if you’re very close and can save a mediocre run. Definitely a good pickup, but doesn’t help if your run needs more than a little boost.
Cursed Katana:
You don’t need a lot of Ninjas to make this be worth it. Easy to get a lot of value out of. Great pickup.
Holy Water:
Being able to shut off Hexes can be a blessing for some runs. Great if you have any Hexes.
Instant Ramen:
More items is really good. Picking this will be a huge boon after a few spins. Just not immediately.
Lucky Carrot:
Rare chance can be one of the best predictors for a strong run. This is an easy take unless there are items with synergies that you want.
Lucky Dice:
Makes dice all extremely good. Getting a 5 or 3 from them every time makes them into very strong symbols.
Oil Can:
Respinning can do a lot if you have synergies, but can also do nothing if you just have a bunch of okay symbols. Never bad, but the extra clicks might not be worth it if you don’t have any synergies.
This makes all of your synergies better. Great pickup and will often be the best thing you can do during a run.
An extremely strong item if you have any arrows. Can give you a huge amount of gold.
Swapping Device:
Positioning is usually one of the stronger things to do. This tends to be better with certain strategies than others, but it’s very rare that you can’t get some good advantage out of this in any run.
The 4 value spirits sticking around is extremely strong and will often just win if you have a way to make them. Strong pickup.
Very Big Symbol Bomb:
Getting to add 8 symbols is very strong, although by the time you see this, you might not see a lot of relevant ones.
Void Portal:
Destroying symbols is very common and this scales very well with that strategy. Gets stronger as the run goes longer. Usually a great pickup.
Zaroff’s Contract:
This could give your Bounty Hunters something to do if you picked one up for some reason. Can backfire, since most of the really strong things to do in the game involve humans.
Very Rare:
This can be good or bad, depending on where you are in the run. If you want multiples it’s bad, otherwise it can give you the symbols you want with more accuracy.
Can be extremely strong if you’re in a position to pay 10. Can be used multiple times in a row and respects rare chance, which means you will find more rares this way. Definitely great to find, but requires some thinking.
This might be the best item in the game. Adjacency is the strongest thing in the game and this one completely breaks that. It’s unlikely that there are better picks for you available.

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Post Author: Robins Chew

1 thought on “Luck be a Landlord: Symbol & Item Guide

    Liam Cusack

    (June 17, 2021 - 2:56 am)

    Happy someone took the time to write a guide like this. I will say, despite the fact that the game has been updated quite a bit, this post severely undervalued a few synergies that were good in earlier versions. Rabbits and Dwarves in particular are nothing less than some of the best early game picks, especially since they become great with some common tier items. Rabbits ability to create fluff can really boost your symbol quality early on, and with beast master, moon, the item that gives +1 to rabbits and fluff, and golden carrot, rabbits start pumping out over 80 gold each.

    As for dwarves, 10x an item value is nothing to sneeze at. With happy hour, you’re getting 20-30 gold for alcohol. What has easily been the most lucrative run i’ve ever had involved, insane luck getting barrel of dwarves, anvil, several mines, several golems, an archeologist, swapping device and void portal. Was sitting at 3000 gold before round 9. Obviously the late game bits aren’t as important since you can’t really plan for anything in this game, but both of these builds transition really well from early game into late

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