Lumberjack’s Dynasty: How to Find Mushrooms

Lumberjack’s Dynasty is pretty much a Harvest Moon type of game. You work away using tools and begin expanding on your little world. here is a guide on how to find mushrooms in the game.


How to Find Mushrooms in Lumberjack’s Dynasty?

You have to talk to Lily first before you can pick or highlight the mushrooms with the Engineer’s Sight (ES). After that you can collect mushrooms & strawberries whenever you see them.

Possible locations:

  1. Highlight with ES, then will be able to see much further away.
  2. There is a patch just downhill from where you talk to Lilly.
  3. Right across the street from your aunt & uncles farm, near your apple orchard is a patch.
  4. Look wherever you see deer or boars grazing.
  5. Many grassy/wooded areas have them also.

Credit to Merck


Lumberjack’s Dynasty is now available on Steam for $19.99 with a 10% launch week discount.


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