Lumberjack’s Dynasty: How to Get All Vehicles

Lumberjack’s Dynasty is a unique life simulation game where you are a lumberjack building up a business and founding a lasting dynasty for generations to come. the game is still very early access, & not all items have been fully added to the game. There are more things being added with each update, so patience is key.


How to Get All Vehicles?

There are two vehicle dealerships on the map, which have different equipment available.

Plus, quests will allow you to get some of the early starting equipment:

  1. Old pickup truck
  2. Old worn tractor – talk to Oliver
  3. Old log trailer with crane – talk to Issac
  4. Old tipper wagon – talk to Connor
  5. Flatbed truck with crane for skids/pallets – talk to James
    • NOTE: this truck is only loaned for use while quest is active

NOTE:The new tractor & log trailer that your uncle uses in the beginning is just part of the tutorial to display how to move the logs. After this point it is not available for usage. I theorize that these items have been leased by the uncle, & are now due to be returned at the end of his lease. So you are forced to use the old equipment starting out your dynasty.


How to get the car back?

If you cannot directly look at the vehicle & get the “Tow truck” option in the TAB menu, then try opening the map, & click on the trucks icon. I think others have stated they can get the Tow Truck option from there.


Uesful Tips

  1. Save game often & have multiple saves. This will keep you from having to redo a lot of work.
  2. The game is EA (Early Access). Be patient & the game will improve with time. But unfortunately there will be bugs – that is just the nature of the beast.
  3. Many things have not been fully added to the game at this time:
    • Livestock – you can buy them, & every morning it will say there is items to collect, but you cannot at this time.
    • No cooking or pantry
    • Some of the upgrades are very, very hard to complete. Most of these bugs have been reported.
    • Limited number of new equipment can be purchased a this time.
    • Fish are just “fish”, but will be changed to specific types of fish.
    • Many of the NPC’s will not respond to attempts to talk to them.
  4. Some NPC’s will walk through fences, which you cannot. This usually not an issue, except for some quests where you have to follow the NPC closely. Again bug reported.
  5. Exiting vehicles can be difficult sometimes. The hit-boxes for many items are large, & block areas, such as roads, or buildings. So just park vehicle (driver side) away from problem areas, & watch for the E prompt to exit.
  6. Don’t leave the tractor or trailer on the log dump pad, else will be sunk in ground next start.
  7. Don’t toss logs in river at any old place – unless you want permanent logs sitting in those areas. Use the designated log dumps.
  8. Scaffolding can be added to many locations, even inside some of the buildings. So use them to get those tricky “hammers”.
  9. Switching from repair (or upgrading) to any other tool (such as scaffolding) will cause loss of mats, & reset the partially completed sections. Place scaffolding all around then use repair (F2) or upgrade (F3 – or TAB).
  10. Many “hammer” symbols can be very tricky to find. Some will be on either side of section you are repairing. So if cannot complete a section, then try to find another side to look at it from.
    • Also, sometimes just moving back or forth (or even sideways) will trigger the “hammer” to display.
    • Many sections you have to jump towards the symbol, & click on it in mid air to complete. Hopefully these will be better located in the future.
    • For the above reason may be better to switch controls to “Hold instead of push, when doing these parkour type fixing procedures.
  11. Watch your inventory of materials so not to waste excessively.
    • Not as critical for repairing (F2), as when upgrading (F3 or TAB), but still can be frustrating.
    • Each “hammer” takes 2 planks from a skid (thus 50 repairs per skid). Many sections require 4 “hammers” to complete, others take 3. But watch if you are down low, since if you fix 3 of the 4 “hammers”, but run out of materials, then the section reverts back to unfinished. And you do NOT receive any materials back.
    • And currently there is no way to combine partial skids together.
    • Doors often only take 2 hammers, window trim same, some posts & other sections only require 1 hammer. So use these to finish off extra planks.
  12. Treasure chests have all been empty so far in testing. Most likely not fully added to game yet.

By Merck

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