Lust from Beyond Scarlet Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

Lust from Beyond: Scarlet is a free and short horror adventure game.
This guide is a complete step-by-step walkthrough and covers all collectibles and achievements.

  • Press F to turn on / off the flashlight
  • Press LMB to interact and E key to use items.
  • Press Tab to open inventory and view your current objective.
  • Press Spacebar to skip dialogue and scenes.


 Game only autosaves at certain points of the game. Don’t quit before reaching a checkpoint or you’ll lose all your progress.

  • Start a New Game and watch/skip the opening scenes.
  • Open the middle bathroom stall and pick up the voodoo figurine [1/9] from the toilet.
  • Open the right bathroom stall and pick up the key from the top of the toilet tank.
  • Approach the door and use the key on it.
  • Leave through the door and head towards the unorganized room / main hall.
  • Read the note on the left end of the room.
  • Head towards the countertop and go around to boxes to find a ticket. Read the ticket.
  • Open the left cabinet nearby and pick up the voodoo figurine [2/9].
  • Enter the next room and immediately head right. Read the note on the table.
  • Approach the red piano and click on any key 50 times.

Musician Press the piano keys 50 times.

  • Go around the countertop and pick up the voodoo figurine [3/9] from the chair.
  • Turn around and head towards the theater.
  • Go to the rightmost theater area and pick up another voodoo figurine [4/9] from the seat.
  • Walk up the stairs and remove the latch from the door, then go through it.
  • Continue until you reach the theater balcony, then interact with the spotlight.
  • Head back to the lower floor of the theater area and go through the now open left door.
  • Once at the scenery, pick up the round part from the altar, pick up the voodoo figurine [5/9] under the right tree, and READ (R) the note (before picking it up) next to the gramophone.
  • Make your way back to the piano and use the music sheet on it.
  • Touch the following notes:
  • Pick up another voodoo figurine [6/9] from under the piano (press C to crouch).
  • Go one room back (to the main hall) and interact with the ornament on the wall.
  • Use the round part and solve the puzzle without mistakes:

Genius Solve the puzzle in the theater with the least number of spins.

  • Pick up the stone heart.
  • Go back to the theater area, head upstairs, and place the heart on the altar.
  • A passage to your right will open. Go inside.
  • Turn left and pick up the voodoo figurine [7/9] from the chest.
  • Turn around and go all the way in. Read the note.

Kinky date Meet with Rhea.

  • Once you wake up and watch the scene, pick up the key to handcuffs from the box near you.
  • Aim left and use the key to free yourself.
  • Leave to the corridor and approach the red curtain on the right side. Open it.
  • Interact with the girl and follow the instructions.
  • After the scene, go north through the linear path.
  • Inspect the cube and focus on the illuminated spots until triggering text.
  • Turn left and go down the ladder.
  • Approach the set of levers and use the bottom right one.
  • Go towards the now reachable passage and interact with the lever behind the column twice to put it on the moving platform.
  • Now, press the levers as follows:

ㅤㅤ│ Top right
ㅤㅤ│ Top left
ㅤㅤ│ Bottom
ㅤㅤ│ Left

  • Press the lever to move the column and then climb the ladder up.
  • Take the crystal item from the top.
  • Go back down and head towards the passage to the right of the first ladder.
  • Walk down the staircase and make your way to the next room while being extremely careful with the creatures (stay crouch at all times).
  • On the next room, take the left fork and pick up another crystal piece.
  • Make your way all the way back to the starting area and go up the spiral staircase.
  • Pick up the last crystal item from the altar.
  • Use each item on their respective carving and open the door.
  • Go through it and then follow the only possible path.
  • Get to the top of the spiral staircase and jump on the orb.
  • Let the guards catch you.

First trial Finish the first trial.

  • You’ll be taken as prisoner again.
  • Pick up the key to handcuffs from the box near you.
  • Aim left and use the key to free yourself.
  • Leave the room and go north to find a new note.
  • Enter the semi-open curtain room and interact with the girl.
  • Idle at this scene for 3 minutes.

Long distance runner Have sex intercourse for at least 3 minutes.

  • After unlocking the achievement, follow the instructions to complete the mini-game.
  • Once teleported to the next area, follow the linear path until reaching a set of statues.
  • Inspect the triangle and focus on the illuminated spots until triggering text.
  • A path will open, go inside.
  • Try to follow the linear path until falling down, then go through the new linear path until finding a teleport. Go through it.

Second trial Finish the second trial.

  • Once you regain control, leave the room and either go north to find a Bandage, or go directly left and enter the left room at the middle of the next corridor to find another note.
  • Continue through the rooms until finding a staircase.
  • Read the note and pick up the shears and all your previously unused items from the left box.

Bookworm Examine all objects containing text.

  • Open the chest on the right side using the shears and pick up all items from inside.
  • Use the handle on the slot to the right of the staircase and then interact with it.
  • Go upstairs and pick up another voodoo figurine [8/9] from the altar.
  • Turn around and open the red curtain.
  • Go north and through the semi-open door back to the bathroom area.
  • Stay crouch if possible and enter the small room beside the men’s bathroom.
  • Open the chest with the Shears and pick up the vinyl from inside.
  • Go back to the theater and up the scenery.
  • Use the vinyl on the gramophone and then immediately jump out the scenery and run towards the piano room.
  • Make your way back to the main hall and remove the bookcase from the exit door.
  • Go through the door.
  • Either watch the scenes or simply Alt+F4 after unlocking the following achievement:

Clear conscience Escape the theater without killing anyone.

  • Launch the game again and click on Continue.
  • Press 1 to equip the knife and then find and kill each enemy (they can take up to 3 hits).
  • Head back to the piano room and enter the small storage room behind the counter.
  • Open the chest with the shears and pick the last voodoo figurine [9/9] from inside.

Collector Collect all voodoo figurines.

  • Make your way back to the main hall and interact with the figurine stand.
  • Place all voodoo figurines and pick up the stone sword.
  • Go back to the theater and head upstairs (to where you put the stone heart before).
  • Use the stone sword on the altar and enter the secret room.
  • Interact with the voice recording device and listen to the whole speech.

I’m with you Listen to the recording from the voice recorder in a secret room.

  • Make your way back to the main hall and remove the bookcase from the exit door.
  • Go through the door and watch the scenes.

Bloody revenge Escape the theater by killing all the members of the Scarlet Lodge.

Finished therapy Finish the game.
By Pris and lylat

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