MADNESS Project Nexus: How to Replace Models & Textures

Here is a modding guide created by Explo to help you replace the models and textures in the game.


Requirement Tools

[Unity Asset Bundle Extractor][]
To extract, and replace assets. [MANDATORY]
[Asset Studio][]
To view models, and export into .FBX format. [Optional]


How to Replace Models & Textures


Create two new folders anywhere on your computer,
one for unmodified files, and a second for modified files.

Navigate to the Madness: Project Nexus folder

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Madness Project Nexus 2\Madness Project Nexus_Data

Step 3.
Open AssetStudioGUI.exe

Step 4.
Open the Madness: Project Nexus folder inside Asset Studio


The steps here change depending on whether you are replacing textures or models.
Follow the steps corresponding to the thing you are replacing.

If you are replacing a model, skip the “Texture” section and go directly to “Model


Step 1. Find your texture, and extract it into “modified” folder. (Make sure it is a Texture2D)

Step 2.
Open the original file, this is necessary for importing stage.

Make note of what this file is.

Step 3. Open and modify your texture, then save it.

Continue to “Importing” section

Importing Texture

Step 1.
Open Asset Bundle Extractor. (From now on referred to as UABE.)

Step 2.
Make a BACKUP of the Original asset, and place it in your “Vanilla” folder.
(That’s the one I told you to make note of.)

Step 3.
Open the BACKUP file.

Step 4.
Find the Texture you changed, then click on “Plugins“, and under plugins on “Edit“.

Step 5.
Click on “Load” next to Texture option. Don’t touch anything else.

Then find your modified texture, and open it.

Then confirm the editing.

Continue to Applying ingame.

Applying Ingame

Step 1.
Save the modified file into your modded folder.

Step 2.
Replace the sharedassets file in the game directory.

You’re done!

Thanks to Explo☄ for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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