Mafia III Definitive Edition: Fix for Glitched Achievements

This is a guide to help you when the game is bugged and will not give you your achievements no matter how long you play for. This happened to me in 2 achievements, “Shh, shh”, and “The New Boss.” There are a total of around 8 achievements that can be bugged for you and information online says it happened through the developers updates to the game, but this game can be generally buggy.


First Off – Restart | play a “New Game”

Make sure you do not see a Continue sign above “New Game” when you load the Title Screen

To achieve this you must :

  • Delete the save game located in:
    File Explorer -> top left where it says Quick access -> type into a clear text box: %LocalAppData% -> 2k Games folder -> Then in each of the folders delete completely from your computer the white files only. Not the folders.
  • A uninstall of the game is not necessary and does not fix things as I did this just before trying this method and nothing changed.
  • Go to manage your DLC and uncheck the boxes for the Season Pass as you will not need or play them (for “Shh, shh” and “The New Boss” achievements) and may be the reason for the bug interference happening in the first place.
  • You can now verify the game files on steam through properties of the game (just for the sake of it).

The Bug should now be removed, so if ever there is an achievement that is not popping, redo this method.

Also deleted some Mafia III files that were in my documents and un-checked the tick in the steam properties for the game for cloud saves

Good Luck!

Next | Complete “Shh, shh” Trophy

To Complete this achievement:

Get to the first encounter of the game “Find Baka”

Skipping cut scenes is fast and recommended in the process of completing both achievements so press Esc. then, Click Enter.

At the Beginning of this swamp level there are 3 enemies.
First, take out the one to the right while the other two are still talking. Then the next one
while to third walks around the boat. For the third you can make it to the end of the boat up the stairs and take cover without him seeing you.
And take him out in between you and the two barrels w/ fire coming out of them.

The key is that:

For All enemies you should stay crouched behind and also have pressed Caps Lock while crouch walking to slow the steps even further before hitting “Q” as soon as the prompt becomes available.

Stealth Take downs are only counted when there is a blue line by your minimap with a little exclamation point on the end saying “No Witnesses.”

Make sure you do not whistle or you are not seen during the take down ( a little bit of the white detection indicator above your head is ‘ok’ before the take down too ).

There are also another two Men talking by a campfire. One walks away and the other crouches (which if you get too close will startle easy, so press “q” as soon as possible.)
For a total of 5 before you pres ESC. -> go to the GAME screen and press -> reload last checkpoint.
-> now count to 100 for each of these enemies after reloading the checkpoint.

“The New Boss” achievement

If the BUG fix in step one worked then for each of the 16 Bosses you encounter
remember to press “Q” to spare them – meaning they are overturned. There are 18 Total but two are automatically killed:

One: at the beginning of the game “Prostitution” story line teaching you how to do everything.
Two: Later on in the story for more obvious reasons of Racism, another of the Bosses must not live.

Key here is:

that before each Boss location is attacked, that section of the map has to be “wire-tapped” other wise each boss is automatically killed when you encounter them.

Your buddy-cop introduces you to this method after the first “Boss” (Prostitution Level).

There have been suggestions that if the achievement doesn’t pop for you that you should try clearing all bosses at once, sitting through the full game in one play through of about 10 hours. But, this has also proven to not work so probably shouldn’t even be attempted.

Thanks to paeced for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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