Malum: How to Beat All Levels (Insane Difficulty)

How to deal with the different ghosts and their followers. (SPOILER WARNING)


Basics of Insane
There are a few basic changes with Insane difficulty.
1. Only 1 med pack
2. Only 1 of each symbol can be found, rather than multiple of the same symbol being scattered across the map.
3. You don’t start with any battery charges for the flashlight, and there is usually only 1 per map.


Insane changes:
Bugs Bunny teleports way more often.
More hoes around the map.
Hoes are much faster and can easily outrun you.

Manor is definitely the hardest on insane.
Bugs Bunny is slow and can easily be juked/outrun. He will teleport pretty frequently, however you have about 4 seconds to move around/run away after each TP. I suggest standing still if he’s near you.
The hoes are pretty rng, sometimes they stop for only 5 seconds, sometimes up to 15. Normally turning your flashlight off lets you roam around without being seen by the hoes.
There’s a secret passage into the library under the left stairs in spawn, its hidden behind the curtains.


Insane changes:
Glass spawns in all possible locations and will be there 100% of the time instead of a chance to have glass.

Nicki Minaj can’t see very well, but she can hear you sprinting from very far away.
You can lure her away by walking in glass across the map, and with good teamwork, you can clear some space for your teammates.
The crawlers start off on the roof, and will only drop down if you get too close.
One starts off in the pool room near the right side door.
One starts in the spawn room, near the bottom level.
One starts in the sewer tunnel, in the S bend.

One starts above the stairs to the water pool.

These can sometimes be avoided entirely, but occasionally you will have to activate one to get to the items/symbols.
You can also sprint away from their kill animation to avoid dying. If they climb near more than one person they will multi-kill so try to avoid clumping together.

The room with the water under the catwalk can spawn 4 different items potentially, with 3 being under the bridge (meaning you’ll have to activate one crawler to access them, get these last!)
It usually contains a symbol as well, either on the wall near the sewer door, or under the bridge


Insane changes:
Nudists are more aggressive.

Thanos will 100% kill you if he sees you and his range of sight is decently far, but you can sneak behind him if his back is turned.
You can hear him from very far away, and you can see his red aura from around corners. He also moves relatively slowly when not chasing someone.
KEEPING TABS ON HIS LOCATION IS KEY. As long as you know where he is at all times, you’re not in any danger. He is easy to cheese if you find batteries, since you can stun him and get away, if you don’t have batteries, you’re definitely dead when being chased.
Not 100% what the gimmick is with the nudists, but they are very slow and pretty easy to outrun, if they corner you in a room, get out ASAP.


Insane changes:
You get teleported much more often, and Valentina teleports herself to you more frequently as well.
There are also more crawlers around the map.

Valentina can’t see you with your flashlight off unless you are very close to her, and she will teleport onto players or teleport players around randomly.
Take your corners wide, since a crawler can snag you coming around a corner if you hold tight angles.
Its very important to learn the map here so you can always tell where you end up. First floor has 2 sides, one with windowed double doors, the other side has a bunch of pillars. First floor is also very dark.
2nd floor has a lot of pillars with torches on them. There’s one location with 2 stairwells, one going up and one going down, but there are also single stairwells as well so watch out for that.
3rd floor has medical pictures of backs with just the muscles showing all over the place, and its one long chain of rooms with very few places that wrap around.
Crawlers will turn away from you if you stop with your flashlight off, but occasionally they will get you anyway. You can’t sprint away from these ones since they have a kill animation.

Thanks to Saint for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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