Mango: 100% Achievement Guide

Screenshot assisted guide for 100% completion. Best seen post-game.



Mango is a surrealist first-person adventure with a cohesive psychedelic art direction and off-kilter tone to its moods and storytelling that takes around 6 to 8 hours to complete. Because of its unique immersive nature, it is highly recommended to go into your first playthrough blindly and explore at your own pace, without utilizing this guide at all.

With that said, the game comes packed with a level selection map through which you can easily return to any individual level (41 in total) post-game and get the missable achievements.

Though the game flows in a continuous fashion, this guide opts to split it into three sections for ease of use. Click on any given section from the side bar to see which achievements are explained within it, then scroll to get tips as needed.

Studio / Home > Memory

This section covers levels 1 to 15 and details the following achievements:

Trash Mango, Can’t Miss This One, Eternal Love, Kill Yr Idols, Super Secret Toilet, Going Meta, Super Secret Room, Sleep Well. Drive Safe and Memory TV.

Trash Mango Mom said I shouldn’t eat stuff from the trash.

Studio / Home: Once you reach home, get the hook from the corner of the bedroom and return outside. Check the nearby area with the parked car to find a mango in a trashbin under the fencing and interact with it.

Can’t Miss This One You really can’t.

Studio / Home: Unmissable. Eat the mango found in the fridge.

Eternal Love They said it can make anything work.

Music Stage: Follow the path to the back of the stage until you come across a character. Interact with her and get the magic orb.

Get on stage and interact with the amplifier that is labeled as not working two times. You are teleported to a static-ridden maze. Find the lever and pull it.

Back on stage, find the fan with huge lips within the audience and interact with her heart. You are teleported to another scene. Interact with the heart on the pedestal followed by the figure on the opposite wall.

Kill Yr Idols They know too much.

Studio #2: Back in the studio after the concert, interact with your laptop residing on the table.

Super Secret Toilet (It is a pink one.)

Octopus / VIP: Past the octopi tunnel and down the alley, turn right and enter the first building on your path. Once in, turn around the corner and interact with the toilet.

Going Meta Mango Man goes Mango!

Gardens: Once you get the remote control from the gym, turn off the television found on the wall right next to it. Drop down to the otherwise unreachable door on the stairway from the top floor where the giant monitor resides. Turn off the second television within and conitnue on into the gardens as usual.

There is a third television in the room where you find the laser gun. Turn it off, get the laser gun from the table and interact with the now off-color part of the wall in the same room.

Shoot the floating figure in this ‘behind the scenes’ area to create a path over the rooftops to the other side. Follow the opening between the two houses to the right to find an exclamation point at the end of the path and interact with it.

Super Secret Room You’re REALLY not supposed to be here.

Gardens: Following on from the previous secret, this time drop down to the left from the rooftops to reach the other exclamation mark that can be seen in the distance. Interact with it to spawn three jumping figures. Get underneath the one in the middle while it is in the air and wait for it to come down on top of you to reach a hidden area.

Sleep Well. Drive Safe. Don’t crash on the speedway.

Speedway: As per description, take it slow and do not bump around as you drive to your flight.

Memory TV Footage not found.

Memory: Right after unlocking the colored door, turn the next corner and interact with the television with the two bears in front of it before moving on to the second floor.

Amusement Park > Boiler

This section covers levels 16 to 30 and details the following achievements:

I’m Loving It!, True Love Will Find You in the End, Super Spicy Mango, Now That Is Art!, Trainwreck, Surgery, Street Mango, Spiral and Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me.

I’m Loving It! Close our eyes to the octopus ride.

Amusement Park: Make your way to the top of the grey-colored runway, drop down onto one of the octopus’ arms and ride along with it to reach the heart residing on the perimeter wall.

True Love Will Find You in the End It may lie behind banging doors.

Asylum: Get into the women’s bathroom on the second floor and interact with the toilet behind the swinging door. Once the scene changes, interact with the heart found in the third stall.

Super Spicy Mango My eyes, THEY BURN!!!

Art Gallery: Check the opening to the right of the entrance to find a floating pepper and eat it.

Now That Is Art! Probably the most important piece in the gallery.

Art Gallery: Take the back stairs to the ½ floor of the gallery and check behind the staircase that leads to the second floor to come upon a hidden piece of art. Interact with it.

Trainwreck It’s coming soon.

Train Station: Interact with the surreal painting found at one end of the second floor to get transported to another scene. Walk down the tunnel till the very end.

Surgery I don’t really think it was worth it.

Hospital: Unmissable. Get through the needle corridor.

Street Mango Street food is the best, right?

Metropolis / Subway: Just as you step out of the car park, turn left and look for a mango behind the dumpsters. Eat it.

Spiral For a minute there, I lost myself.

Military: Once in the facility proper, interact with the surreal painting opposite the sleepover room down the corridor.

Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me (On your way back home.)

Reality: After dropping down through closet in the sleepover room, look for a pair of lips on the wall in an opening to your left as you continue down the path and interact with it.

Fashion Store > Cinema #2

This section covers levels 31 to 41 and details the following achievements:

Antipsychotics, X BOXER, Firestarter, Super Secret Toilet Mango, Unexpected Balloon, Exterminator and Game Over.

Antipsychotics Everything is back to normal.

Fashion Store: Look for another door to the right near the entrance to the fashion store itself and go through it. Interact with the model at the end of the path and get back out of the room as soon as the scene goes funky. You are transported to the lower floor where an enormous pill stands tall on top of the stairs. Take it.

With the scene change spawns another pill. Take it and look for the third one.

X BOXER In it to win it!

Spiders: Look for an interactable cabinet in the corner of the arcade and win a round in the short mini-game on offer.

Firestarter Twisted firestarter!

Skin House: As soon as you meet mom, return to where you got the blue pill before and rekindle the mask above the pair of lips once more.

Super Secret Toilet Mango Oh crap…

Prison: Follow the opening next to one of the two televisions facing each other in the tunnels and interact with the toilet you come across at the end of the path. Eat the mango found within.

Unexpected Balloon I cANT tell you more.

Prison: As you go through the ‘live action’ tunnels, look for a red ant patrolling a side path. Get into the opening where he first comes out and pop the balloon found within.

Exterminator Kill the father of all ants.

Church: Unmissable. Get the pesticide and use it on the ant holding onto a pair of lips.

Game Over 🙁

Cinema #2: Unmissable. Reach the end of your journey. — ‘Jesus, what a mind-job.’

Thanks to the developer mewhitenoise for his tips on a bunch of achievements and providing an ordered level list. This guide wouldn’t be complete without his help.

‘People always crave for what they think could be a better life for them. This is a concept which, for most people, takes its form mainly from outsider factors, such as peer pressure, capitalism, advertisement and marketing. For every new generation, anxiety levels are getting higher, because the idea of what is good enough keeps skyrocketing. In advertising, there is no time and space for profound meaning. Messages are simplified, generalized and condensed until they lose their true purpose. What actually works in most cases is just the aesthetics. Modern people try to achieve a life that looks good. Having outsiders believe that you’re always having a great time is a rush. Honestly expressing yourself and being vulnerable is far more debatable. Often it is more important to make it look like you’re living a great life, than actually feeling fulfilled, safe and in harmony with what’s going on around you. Sometimes we apply this concept to our very own appearance, using fashion, cosmetic surgery and going on to extreme lengths to look ‘healthy’. Some people get it quite early, others take too much time, and there’s a few that never do so.’

Thanks to erc for his great achievement guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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