MannaRites: Basic Gameplay (Tips & Tricks)

Magus Porgom is a pretty hard to learn / play character at first, his personal difficulty is marked as “veteran”, which means that he’s best suited for seasoned warriors. His “special move” is a set of 4 unlockable spells, between which Magus can switch using Utility button. As a resource for special move, unlike Warrior and Acrobat, who are using Stamina, which is built by performing specific actions, Magus is using Manna, which is restoring itself over time (Magus is getting Manna from earth, that’s why he’s not wearing shoes). Certain perks from a Skilltree can majorly increase restoration rate!

To select a spell, hold Utility button (by default – O on keyboard and RT on gamepad), a select wheel is going to pop up, then with direction buttons select needed spell and release Utility button. Small icon to the right of adrenaline bar now should have selected spell’s icon.

To cast a spell, press attack + block at the same time.

How spells work:

  • Soul bolt – casts a magic projectile forward. If default form damage is limited to a single healthbar just as of any other strike (it means that, if enemy has 310 health – which is three full bars and a bit of fourth – only 10 dmg max will be caused to him).
    Soulbolt damage is determined by “Magic damage” attribute of a carried weapon. If soulbolt can do dmg at all, it always does full damage without armor / shields reduction (just as any other characters’ special moves)

    Default cost is 3 Manna.

    Soulbolt has two augmentations. First one is Soulbolt mastery perk (bottom branch, col 2) – it adds 50% dmg, rises 1 healthbar max dmg limitation to 2 healthbars, but also increases manna cost to 4. Second one is very powerful Soul lightning. which reduces Soulbolt dmg by 25%, but makes it self-guided and do not destroy on collision (it means, that it hits all enemies on screen).

  • Weapon augment – empowers currently equipped weapon. For all weapons it increases damage of basic attacks (does not include special attacks, jump attacks, finishers, etc) by 50%. Stacks with adrenaline dmg bonus. Apart from that, with augmented weapon all blocks may not block arrows. For staff it doesn’t do anything else, for spellbook it increases range of basic attack, for wand – it turns it into sort of “energy sword” with increased range.

    Cost is 4 Manna.

  • Heal – replenish partially damaged healthbar. If healthbar is depleted completely – it won’t restore it.

    Cost is 4 Manna.

  • Protection – adds shield points to max of 25 (quarter of a bar). If you already have more than 25 shield points – it won’t do anything.

    Cost is 3 Manna.

Magus has 3 weapon types available for him – staffs, wands and spellbooks.

  • Staff is a pretty good melee weapon, it’s rather slow, but range is very good
  • Wand is a pretty bad melee weapon, but it adds bonus damage to Soul Bolt spell. Additionally, with Weapon Augment spell wand is transformed into a very powerful melee weapon
  • Spellbook with amulet is a unique weapon, it’s basic attack combo consists only of 2 steps, and the last one does not throw enemy off his feet. Basic attack also block incoming melee attacks. Instead of blocking, when you press “block” button Magus is reading syllables from the book. Once all the needed syllables for current spell are said – next “block” button press releasing the spell.

There are 8 spellbook spells total:

  • Blaze – 1 syllable, melee-range, sets enemy on fire
  • Firefly – 2 syllables, launches self-guided projectile
  • Magic Trap – 3 syllables, sets a powerful magic trap, which explodes in enemy’s proximity
  • Acid Spear – 2 syllables, launches spear, that go through enemies dealing damage and poisoning them
  • Orb – 3 syllables, launches powerful orb, that goes forward and then returns back to caster, dealing damage to all enemies on its path
  • Firefly 2 – 3 syllables, the same as Firefly, but there are 2 projectiles.
  • Leech – 3 syllables, melee-range, deals damage and steals some health from enemies. If enemy has armor or shields active – just deals damage.
  • Wrath – 3 syllables, casts screen-long lightning, that deals damage and leaves enemies stunned for a long time
Builds, Tips and Tricks
There are no solid predefined builds, Magus can be really flexible and adaptive. However, it may be wise to consider type of weapon you’re willing to carry, so here are general recommendations:

  • Staff is a pretty universal weapon, that goes well with any build.
  • For Wand it’s highly recommended to go with Weapon Augment-based build with a couple of mana-restorating perks from a bottom branch.
  • For Spellbook-amulet build, it’s highly recommended to take all the manna-restorationg perks from the bottom branch, including “Bookworm”, as spellbooks are very dependent on manna.

Other general tips:

  • With “Leech” spellbook and “Heal” spell it’s possible to completely heal yourself from a single enemy (with enough skill, time and patience ofc)
  • Magus doesn’t have a traditional “throw” as Warrior and Acrobat, but instead he has “Powerful Kick” ability, which sends enemy flying and knocking other enemies down when colliding with them.
  • It’s highly recommended to pick first skills in every skill branch before investing more points into chosen branch
  • Augmented weapon can block projectiles – arrows and magic alike
  • Lunge attack for spellbooks (the one you have to hold attack button for) is different for other weapons, it has a powerful throw-away force, useful for knocking enemies from cliffs or just away

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