Mass Effect ™ Legendary Edition: How to Fix Missing Items for SPECTRA in Stores

If you have lost the opportunity to buy things for SPECTRA in stores – you come to the right place. Here is a temporary treatment for the problem before the patch appears.


Initial acquisition of SPECTRA equipment

To unlock the ability to buy SPECTRUM gear, all you have to do is progress through the main story until you become a SPECTRUM. After this happens, you will need to speak to the Supply Officer in C-Sec on the Citadel and the SPECTRUM consumable will appear in the warehouse, as well as in the Officer’s warehouse on requests on the lower level of Normandy.

Loss of SPECTRA equipment from sale and fixes

After playing the game a bit after purchasing the SPECTRUM gear, you may have encountered an issue where you can no longer find any Specter gear in stock from any of the vendors.

At the moment there are 2 ways to solve this problem.

  1. If you have a save before you became a SPECTRUM, load it, play the cut-scene and become a SPECTRUM again. After that, just go to the supply officer in the C-Sec, and in your “real” save you should already have goods for SPECTRA available for purchase. (If there is no save, there is a save in the manual below)
  2. The second method, if you do not have a save before you become a SPECTRUM, you can simply start a new game and quickly replay until you receive the SPECTRUM, and then talk to the supply officer in the C-Sec, and in your “real” save you should already there will be goods for SPECTRA available for purchase.
Save file right before becoming SPECTRUM
  1. Download the archive
  2. in the folder My Documents\Bioware\Mass Effect Legendary Edition\Save\ME1 create a folder John01
  3. Unzip the John01_02.pcsav file to this folder

You now have a save in which progress is just before becoming SPECTRUM

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