Mayhem in Single Valley 100% Achievement Guide

This guide will help you to get all achievements in the game. WARNING: Image heavy.


Note: This guide can also be used with my walkthrough to get more detailed version of the item with images. You can just ctrl+F “collectibles” and “clones #” here to get anything that you need.



– Story-Related Achievements

Leave Home
Go beyond the fence.Lumber Jack
Use log cutter to cut down a tree.Saved a Friend
Cure Bob’s pet rat.Zoo Escape
Survive the zoo.Speed Demon
Complete the golf cart mini-game.

Help Verity with her quest to find true love.

Teacher’s Pet
Help Miss Jenkins out.

Portal Hopper
Escape The Void.

Demolition Man
Break a wall with the wrecking ball.

Tower Defender
Protect the mega batch.

Hometown Hero
Save Single Valley.

– Optional Achievements

Super Jack
Rescue all falling passengers.Rescue a lot of falling passengers in the first cutscene (it should be around 10, or just stay alive until the cutscene ends).Eek
Free the spider.Pick up the spider in your bathroom and release it to the window.Mommy’s Boy
Give Mom a flower.

Pick up a flower in backyard and give it to your mom.

Pool Trespasser
Swim in neighbor’s pool.

Head to your neighbor’s house to the east and dive into their pool. Feel free to drag the grey furniture near your kitchen entrance to the east fence if you can’t jump high enough to trespass the area.

Good Samaritan
Help an old lady.

After you go beyond the fence, talk to the granny and fetch her walker.

Catch a fish.

Pick up poisoned fishes on the ground. You can find them starting from the second screen after you leave your house.

Tighty Whitie Rescuer
Help a swimmer in need.

When you meet a trailer (or that house that looks like a container), someone will say “Pssh” behind the bushes. Bring his underwear, located to the north, back to him.

Find the cave painting.

In the cave area with “wall-moving” maze in it, interact with the mural to the north.

Ethical Scientist
Complete clone labs without killing a clone.

Self-explanatory. Here‘s the video if you have trouble with it. You can also do a manual save in each level to make it easier. Load your save if you somehow fall to the pit.

Rhino Vet
Cure a rhino.Self-explanatory. Use hooch-covered apple on the rhino in the zoo.Gorilla Vet
Cure a gorilla.

Same as above, but with bananas. You can pick up bananas after you pass through 2 monkey cages.

Bear Vet
Cure a bear.

The bear is to the northeast of the banana. Climb the vines to reach it. You need hotdog, which is obtainable in the zoo entrance. Feel free to use hooch-covered firecracker if you don’t have one.

Monkey Vet
Cure a monkey.

Jump between the trees to head east from bear’s cage from above. The monkeys are in the last cage. You need hooch-covered banana to cure it.

Lion Vet
Cure a lion.

The lion is in the mansion, not the zoo. I don’t know how to cure it properly, so feel free to use hooch-covered firecracker on it.

Explosive Cure
Cure with explosives.

Use hooch-covered firecracker to cure any animal.

Childhood Hero
Rescue all missing children.

In The Void, in the screen with portal in the center, save all 5 children. The tricky one is in the northeast area, since it has a hidden platform. Make sure to knock them all on the portal when it shows up.

Pops’ Last Request
Bring Pops to Maud’s grave.

In the graveyard, your pops will ask you for a flower near the exit. Pick one flower in the area (the closest one is to the west). Return to your pops.

Death Defier
Bring Bob back from the dead.

In the battle with Miss Jenkins, push the “1” number next to “Int BobLives”.

– Collectible Achievements

Collectibles have a shiny yellow thingy on it.

First Collectable Collector
Find your first collectable.

Novice Collector
Find 16 collectables.

Intermediate Collector
Find 32 collectables.

Master Collector
Find all 64 collectables.

1. An astro warrior action figure

2. A fire boy sunglasses
See the bottom left corner. You need to drag that grey thing next to the fence to reach this area.

3. A bubble gum love baseball card
Drag the sofa. You might need to jump several times from the sofa’s upper side to reach it.

4. An aracnea comic book
Jump on the clear water right after you go outside. Enter from the rightmost side to make it easier.

5. A humpty dumpty teddy
On the first screen after you go beyond the fence of your house, head east from the west exit. Jump on the platform near the water.

6. A four-door, off-road, die-cast car

7. An ace fight 3 game cartridge
On the second screen, head south where you see 2 bunnies. Jump on the platform to reach this cliff.

8. A black cat pixel pet
Jump from that black thingy on the left side of the trailer, then move to the platform to the southwest, and then jump to the top of the trailer.

9. A goat man action figure
It’s the sparkly thing on the left platform in case you don’t notice.

10. A bubble pop joe baseball card

11. A flying fox detective comic book
Jump from the log on the left side to reach the top of the container.

12. A mikey doll

13. Icy boy sunglasses

14. A red, convertible, die-cast car

15. An adventure elves 3 game cartridge

16. A tar spit king baseball card
It’s on the northwest side of the log house.

17. A wonder man comic book

18. A blue tom pixel pet

19. A silent peter doll

20. A icup android action figure

21. A frankinzombie comic book
Move the box from the left side to the right side. Head north afterward.

22. A fast ball kid baseball card

23. A mindy the clown doll

24. A flame-colored, die-cast car
On the screen where you have to dodge tornadoes and rockslides, head all the way to the east. It’s located south of the dynamite seller.

25. A dragons gate game cartridge

26. Johnny boy sunglasses

27. An orc action figure

28. A green jane pixel pet

29. An insect die-cast car

30. Living boy sunglasses

31. A norse dragons 5 game cartridge

32. An orange slam pixel pet

33. The purple globule action figure

34. A grand slam ralf baseball card

35. An infinite planet comic book

36. An old teddy bear

37. A die-cast muscle car

38. Lover boy sunglasses

39. A plumber and dinos 5 game cartridge

– Collectible Achievements (2)
40. A pink viv pixel pet
41. A robotronputer action figure
42. A hard batter cass baseball card

43. A nightgirl comic book

44. A pale maria doll

45. An old-fashioned, die-cast car

46. Singing boy sunglasses

47. A silver nose game cartridge
It’s inside the school bus after you defeat the boss.

48. A purple poppy pixel pet
Enter the girls’ bathroom in schoolyard. It’s the second room that you can enter after going inside the building.

49. An iron sera baseball card
There is a hidden path near the place with stairs.

50. A space fantasy issue 66 comic book

51. A raggy kris doll
In the school gym, head to the northeast exit.

52. The seven eyed demon action figure

53. A die-cast pickup truck
Follow the south path when you enter The Void for the first time.

54. Space boy sunglasses

55. A space effect rpg game cartridge

56. A space commando game

57. A square joe pixel pet
In the screen when you meet an alien guy, enter “Ma & Pa Pizza” building to the northwest area.

58. A teen drama quarterly comic book
In the screen when you meet an alien guy, enter “Popcorn and Remakes” building to the northwest area.

59. A maverick geoffries baseball card
In Space Invader “minigame”, lure the UFO to shoot the car between “Arcade” and “Piggy Bank”. You can only pick it after you finished playing.

60. A red jen pixel pet
Enter the white building to the south of the hospital.

61. Star boy sunglasses
It’s in the northeast corner of the “quicksand” area after you meet the crane in the town.

62. A space wizard action figure
Head inside the bus in the stealth “minigame”. You need to open the door first before entering it. Be careful of the police.

63. A white, convertible, die-cast car
Jump on the cross in the church.

64. A scratched baby doll

65. Star boy sunglasses
This is a duplicate with number 61. You only need to collect one.


– Clone-Related Achievements

Clones will drop duct tape after you rescue them. Pick it up and use it to increase your stats from the menu.

First Clone Rescuer
Rescue your first clone.

Moving up in the World
First upgrade.

Fully Upgraded
Upgrade something to max.

Novice Clone Rescuer
Rescue 16 duct tape clones.

Intermediate Clone Rescuer
Rescue 32 duct tape clones.

Ultimate Jack
Max upgrade Jack

Master Clone Rescuer
Rescue 64 duct tape clones.

clone #1
Roll into the tree to release it.

clone #2

clone #3

clone #4
On the second screen, head south where you see 2 bunnies. Jump on the platform to reach this cliff. It’s on the northeast from this screen. Sorry, I forgot to take a screenshot.

clone #5

clone #6
This is in the screen before you go to the forest.

clone #7

clone #8
Throw anything at it (I used carrots).

clone #9
Head to the northwest corner in the screen with logcutter.

clone #10

clone #11
It’s in the screen with the sawblade. You need to jump (in your spot) from the platform near the truck and shoot anything (I used carrot) to pop the balloon.

clone #12

clone #13

clone #14

clone #15
Head all the way to the west as soon as you reach Gorge Cliffs for the first time.

clone #16
Break the bottle to release the clone.

clone #17

clone #18
Drag over the box and jump. You can jump over the green goo if you jump from the box.

clone #19

clone #20

clone #21

clone #22
In the area will railroad track, head east.

clone #23
You need to jump from the middle platform to hit it.

clone #24

clone #25

clone #26

clone #27

clone #28

clone #29
See that bucket? Yes, jump on top of it.

clone #30

clone #31
Break the bottle.

clone #32

clone #33

clone #34

clone #35
Climb the vines next to the bear cage, and jump between the trees to reach the clone. The monkeys are nasty though. You can freely skip this for the 64 clones achievement since there are 68 clones in this guide.

clone #36
Climb the vines west of the main door.

clone #37
It’s in the room east where you meet the lion for the first time. Break the statue.

clone #38

clone #39

clone #40
It’s in the southeast area of the garden. Break the statue.

clone #41

clone #42
In the area where you beat a boss in the schoolyard, head to the southeast corner of the map.

clone #43

clone #44

clone #45

clone #46

clone #47

clone #48

clone #49

clone #50

clone #51

clone #52

clone #53
It’s in the northwest area of the beach, west of “bait shackle” building.

clone #54

– Clone-Related Achievements (2)
clone #55
It’s in the building where you found bridge key.
clone #56

clone #57
It’s in the second floor in “Italian Meaty Balls”. Break the bottle.

clone #58

clone #59

clone #60

clone #61

clone #62

clone #63

clone #64

clone #65

clone #66

clone #67

clone #68

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