Mech Mechanic Simulator: Breaking the Economy Achievement Guide

If you played the game before patch #3 and printed a lot of money using stock market exploit, you should have got this achievement when you continue the game (and found out your suspiciously large amount of shares confiscated by the dev). If you missed the chance, or you are an newcomer, read more to find out how to unlock it the legit way.

Breaking the economy
Managed to break the economy

The trigger for this achievement is tied to save game loading. If in the save you hold shares more than your rep of that corporation, the game will correct that, give you the achievement and set a flag which will skip the check in any saves derived from the current one.
So there are two problems we need to solve: to trigger the check before it was marked for skipping, and to make the shares you are holding exceeds your rep in a legit way.
Got any ideas?

Alright, just follow these steps:

  • Start a new game. You can create a new profile so that you don’t have to erase your normal playthrough.
  • DO NOT save&quit until the last step. We only got one chance per playthrough.
  • Keep playing until you get the license and global market, then immediately pick one corporation and complete one job for them. You would want to have lowest rep possible with that corporation, so ignore bonus tasks.
  • Do more jobs to earn money until you can purchase shares of that company equals to your rep to them. Do not do jobs for that corporation, or you will have to earn more money to top off the share.
  • Now accept a job form the corporation you chose before. complete the task, but intentionally strip some parts from the mech so that the assembly page shows incomplete icon. You can sell those parts and maybe take a loan, since you are going to bail soon after anyway.
  • Hand in the job. The company will find out that some parts are missing and they will not be happy. You receive a rep penalty. You think the corpo is overreacting and decided to check the stock market. Guess what, your shares are higher than the rep with that corpo now!
  • Save&quit then continue the game. You will receive the achievement once it finished loading.

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