METAL GEAR SURVIVE: Weapon Tier List V0.5

An attempt at categorizing the performance of the rare and above weapons of MG Survive! feedback and suggestions welcome


S Tier

Bullhorn SG

Top tier shotty, use it to obliterate any bosses, spongy units or just regular zombies you come across. Suggest you equip 12ga ammo pouches to make sure you don’t run out ammo too quick.

Frost/Shock/Flame blade

Become Raiden with these dual handed swords – wide attacks will wipe out groups of wanderers, use leap attacks to get them before they get you.


Fully automatic sidearm with large ammo capacity, won’t let you down either as a backup plan or main weapon of choice if you time your bursts well.

Combat Axe
A dual handed weapon featuring potentially very high damage with the fast attack speed of dual handed weapons, though it features no elemental damage


Excelent revolver, dealing a ton of damage with each bullet and reloading relatively fast, it’s a fine addition to any arsenal.

A Tier


Versatile and highly modular assault rifle, mediocre damage is somewhat compensated by being able to carry 3×30 magazines on its own.


Awesome machinegun with the largest magazine capacity in the game and somewhat controllable recoil.


The best sniper in the game – semi-auto, high damage and a 20 round magazine will let you rain death on zombies from a safe distance.

Portable Pile Driver

A strong thrusting weapon like the glaive, except it exchanges elemental damage for raw damage – use if you’re not playing extreme missions.

Frost/Shock/Flame glaive

Useful as a backup weapon for poking zombies to death, use this to complement your arsenal.

Skulls Machete

Pretty decent dual handed sword, second only to the elemental blades featured in S tier.

B Tier

Burkov Sup.

While great in singleplayer for stealth takedowns on unsuspecting zombies, the majority of enemies in coop will already be alert to your presente, severely limiting
the use of this supressed pistol.

Bametov SV

Decent semi-auto sniper, low magazine and mediocre damage but still a good choice for long distance killing.

C Tier

Brennan LRS-46

Suffers from a very low fire rate and below average damage compared to the other snipers, Bambetov and MRS-71 with GRIM or explosive rounds is the better choice.

Drill Spear

Decent thrusting weapon to replace a common equivalent, suggest upgrading ASAP.

High Frequency Baton

Low damage and fast attack rate with some added shock damage, sadly you won’t be stunning zombies any time soon with this weapon.

Battle Sickle

Decent damage for a single hand weapon, swings fast but barely deals any damage, even on hard difficulty.

D Tier

Frost/Shock/Flame Jet Hammer

While it deals a ton of damage to anything it hits, it’s already possible to one-hit-kill zombies with upgraded swords and the large swing times will only leave you vulnerable to attacks.

Jet Axe

Like the Jet Hammer except it deals even more damage at the expense of elemental damage, making it a slightly worse and overkill choice of weapon


A straight upgrade to the AM D114 TC, it’s a good sidearm choice until you find something better.

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