Metric Racer: Sandbox Custom Track Editor Guide

A brief overview of how the sandbox custom track editor works, how to build your own tracks and how to upload to Steam Workshop



Welcome to the Metric Racer Track Editor Walkthrough:

Getting Started

This is the first screen you’ll see when starting the Metric Racer Track Editor. There are some key controls that I will give an overview for:

Ribbon Control

The main ribbon control let’s you perform most general editor actions such as ‘Open, Save, Upload to Steam Workshop etc…’ The controls are generally self explanatory. It also has links at the end of the ‘Home’ tab for accessing ‘Help’ and the Discord channel.

Add Entity Control

The entities are added using the ‘Entities’ tab along the bottom. Track Parts can be snapped together by hovering over magenta nods on other track pieces. They’re snapped together when they turn orange.

Properties Inspector

Both World /b] and Entity properties can be edited in the properties inspector controls on the right side of the editor window. You can edit exposed properties such as position, colours, track theme variation etc…

Level Settings

The Level Settings bottom lets you set global settings for the level. It can be found on the Home tab of the Ribbon Control. The level setting lets you set things such as:

  • Level Name
  • Level Description
  • Level Theme (Earth, Mars etc…)
  • Lap Count

Note: these are the settings which are used when uploading to Steam Workshop as well.

Controls & Hot Keys

The Sandbox Editor has a series of different controls and hot keys. People who have used ‘Unity’ Engine will find the controls to be similar with [right click] rotating the camera and [Scroll Wheel] zooming the camera in and out.

Below is a break down of keys:


Zoom – [Middle Mouse Button]
Rotate – [Right Mouse + Shift]
Frame Selection– [F]


Place Item – [Left Mouse]
Rotate Item – [Right Mouse + Shift]

Working Plane

Raise/Lower – [Scroll Wheel + Shift]

Uploading to Steam Workshop
You can upload a custom track to Steam Workshop directly from the editor. Simply enter all level information on the ‘Level Settings’ dialog and then click the ‘Upload’ button from the Home Ribbon tab.

This will open a dialog for you to double check all information that will be uploaded to Steam Workshop under your currently signed in user.

Click Upload and it will then proceed to send your level to Steam Workshop. If the upload has been successful it will give you a confirmation and open the Workshop page for your entry.

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