Mission: It’s Complicated – Missions and Dates Guide

This guide is meant to explore some of the right and good date and mission options that i get results in at times to help look out for ideal or certain outcomes and even some cgs for failing certain missions it seems including team-up options that i manage to find and will be progressively updated.


Missions (in any order) 1 Octopus odd
MIssion 1 Octopus odd
choice 1: Riptide to freeze the octopus
Choice 2: Zael to negotiate and talk to the octopus
Choice 3: Team up choice (coffee date required?): result: zael suggests talk to it as riptide says he was gonna freeze it as zael asks why riptide responds because they are jerks and there is banter of riptide meeting hyper intelligent octopus that zael guessed 117 and riptide responds more like 10 and say about jerky comments and zael suggests instead of freezing it to drop into a river to lower the temperature to break its concentration as riptide does so reluctantly down to one degree above freezing freeing the aquarium patrons saying if the octopus gets insulting he’ll freeze it and the octopus struggles as riptide lets out a chill pun that the octopus insults and they find out the octopus wanted a bigger tank and riptide suggests being free of the ocean which the octopus says but what if he gets bored as riptide suggests to the octopus he wouldn’t be so bored if he put his intelligence to better use as he has a idea as they take him to the observatory as a scientist is surprised by the octopus solving a equation they had trouble with for months as the octopus calls the issue they had rudimentary and was surprised of that kind of struggle and zael suggests this arrangement won’t let the octopus be bored and the scientist would understand his insults as the octopus agrees but still wants a bigger tank, water purifier, and snacks and will help the scientists he calls dullards (they take exception to) with primative math as riptide says he’s their problem now and upon leaving riptide comments that it’ll be 3 weeks before he becomes taroyaki as zael comments riptide underestimates how much abuse the scientists take for help but is doubtful he will be credited in papers but was glad for a compromise and zael gives riptide a comment that is either of compliment or insult lol and then compliments riptides compassion. Earning CG scene of riptide and zael watching octopus do math.
Grade: A+

MIssion 2 vampower
Mission 2: Vampower
choice 1: have night gaunt scare vampower: nightguant comments it would be easier to stake him as zirconia say vampires have rights too as zirconia tends to other wrestlers he will take down vampower as vampower questions his appearance nightguant insults his wrestling league making vampower angry and nightguant makes terrible banter nightguant struggles against him as he uses his dark form but vampower sunk his fangs into nightguants shadow form but the taste of the blood was cold to vampower of feeling like ice water and sadness as vampower goes unconscious adn zirconia questions nightguants wound as vampower couldn’t handle his darkness as he feeds on warmth and light zirconia calls gothic but nightguant feels lightheaded and thirsty as back on base as we let him rest zirconia comments that if he asks for blood she’ll stake him (he just wanted apple juice apparently) Grade: B and nightgaunt injured for 1 Day
choice 2: have zirconia wrestle
?choice 3: team up (park or higher date required?):

Mission 3 Gold Watch
MIssion 3: Gold Watch
choice 1: have zael blast his entrophatic energy to stop the criminal and watch. Zael makes a joke of eating senior folks back at home as it is common on his homeworld and says we should stop him as the hypnotist tries to deage zael but zael will use his energy blasts as the villian is blasted back and the watch is knocked back too in a shower of sparks and gears but without the watch teh observatory scientists can’t be turned back and riptide makes a bad translation of zael’s joke that at least the deaged scientists won’t be lunch that confuses the victims Grade: B
choice 2: have riptide rust the watch so it isn’t a threat
choice 3 team up (3rd date required?)

Mission 4: Diamond Delusions
MIssion 4: Diamond delusions
choice 1: have wifi try to hack security system
choice 2: have zironia try to smash carefully on the siutaition as zirconia tries to assure she is
always careful teh wifi doesn’t ensure much confidence in and wifi says the store is good as gone as the villian sees zirconia being made of diamond and says get her and wifi hears shattering glass as zirconia fights teh thieves as the thieves retreat mentioning a boss zirconia heard and the store owner says the diamonds zirconia broke were insured but he’ll be closed for weeks to clean the mess zirconia made as wifi asks for gratitude as the owner says he will be sick first the smell of the thieves and now his store in a mess and says he is giving attitude as zirconia insults him as a blood diamond peddler as he is appaled saying the diamonds are ethically sourced and threatens to hear from his lawyer and “thanks her” for saving the day Grade: B
choice 3 team up (at least one date?)

Mission 5 What does the L stand for?
MIssion 5: what does the L stand for?
Nightgaunt and Zirconia
choice 1: have nightgautn investigate as nightguant asks the heros and the bright hero noticing nightguants shadow demonor try to brighten and cheer up nightguant as it is so bright for nightgaunt as they are such a vast different of ideals adn professor j argues with us professor L going back adn forth as nightgaunt stops them and it seems professor J’s heros have trouble workign together as the goo partner says he accidentally melted her twice adn teh two argue back and forth and they return to base as the team argues and we see a cg scene of professor j’s heros it seems and nightgaunt and zirconia do get along as zirconia appreciates nightgaunts sincerity about zirconia being his partner . Grade: A+
choice 2: have zirconia investigate
choice 3: team up (3rd date required?)

Mission 6 Groan Drones
Mission 6: Groan Drones
Zael and Riptide
choice 1: have riptide make it rain as he brings the drones up with rain as zael brings up concerns when they come down and riptide confident sharks don’t get flu as the drones short out and it is now raining drones as they crash into asphalt and the sick cloud comes up and riptide goes uh oh but says he gots this as he traps the cloud in a bubble to prevent it from going furthur and zael asks if he is ok and says definitely and sharks don’t get sick but a hour later they do definitely get sick
choice 2: have zael fly up and deal with drones getting cg of everyone getting sick . Grade C Riptide and Zael quarantined for one day
choice 3: team up (3rd date required?)

Mission 7 (story?) Eater of possibilities
Mission 7: Eater of possibilities (story?)
Nightgaunt and Zirconia
choice 1: Nightgaunt sneak through vents as he finds the ventillation shaft that won’t be comfy probably for zirconia and the villian somehow detects him and he uses the possibility stone to stop the team as he knows about the cosmic entity and the information block confuses the team and we the professor l intervene Grade: A
choice 2; Zirconia charge and smash through the blockades
choice 3: team up (third date required?)

Mission 8 Earthquake Stakes
Mission 8: Earthquake Stakes
Zael and Riptide (no team up)
choice 1: have riptide use his shield
choice 2: have zael use his lasers as zael uses his lasers to blast falling rubble into gray dust snow over the relieved crowd and a civiliian thanks zael as they state it and riptide both helped grade: A

missions 9 underbaker
Mission 9: Underbaker
Nightgaunt and Zirconia
choice 1: have nightgaunt attack and take out underbaker
choice 2: have zirconia charge in
choice 3: Team up (3rd date max required?) as nightgaunt challenges underbaker to a bakeoff with wager if we win he has to destroy all of the tainted bakeries but if he wins we join his kitchen of undead adn the underbaker snaps his fingers making dock workers pastries turn into dust as we have one hour to cook on a summoned demonic cooking station as nightgaunt knows how to cook as he made protein bars that is cheaper than buying them plus baking is science that he counts on zirconia for as her science she is used to is less edible but appreciates sentiment as the heros stir and make one of nightguants favorites and zirconia adding few touches as time is up as we made obsidian protein bars with crystalized ginger and dark chocolate workers enjoyed and underbaker made a good looking bread dread pudding that workers found much too salty and the underbaker spit take the pudding from making a simple mistake and being the sore loser underbaker came at team with a knife as it stops workers from eating bad pastries and also break underbakers spirits and turned out we did cheat as nightgaunt switched sugar and salt and we earn cg scene grade: A+

MIssion 10 prom a drama
mission 10 Prom a drama
Nightgaunt and Zirconia (no team up)
choice 1: have nightgaunt sneak and take them out as nightgaunt sneaks in as the villian rants and in his shadow form he gives off banter startling the villian and he knocks out the villian before he finishes the rant about finding nightgaunt and teh objects drop to the floor Grade: A
choice 2: have zirconia charge in

Mission 11 Tubular trouble
Mission 11: tubular trouble
Zael and riptide (no team up)
choice 1: have zael blast to subdue
choice 2: have riptide challenge the villian musical skills as zael doubts it a bit as there is back and forth banter as he takea a violin as a instrument whispering to zael to cover his ears knowing he is bad at violin as he is so very bad at violin as he keeps playing like it tortures the villian adn the terrible music weakned him ruining the sensitive ears adn the villian goes unconscious and we got a headache hearing it Grade: A

Mission 12: Mother mayfly
Mission 12 mother mayfly[/bZael and riptide (no team up)
choice 1 have zael communicaate
choice 2 have riptide freeze as riptide makes a pun for bugs to chill out and he activated sprinkler system before freezing insects as they ddrop to floor as villian controlling insects appears as riptide forces another pun adn villian flies dodging freezing attempt adn villian retreats after riptide gives off another bad pun and ends greeting to us on another pun XD grade: A

Mission 13: superhero Day
Mission 13 Superhero day
Nightgaunt and zirconia (no team up)
choice 1 nightgaunt present to the kids as nightgaunt isn’t great with kids unless he is fighting them revealing they start supervillianing early leaving the nurse speechless and he fumbles his words to cover up assassin as kids tease about him saying A-S-S as he shows off his stealth as the kids are curious why he is named nightgaunt which the kids may get a bit too curious as he shows the full shadow form scaring the kids and nurse in terror as the nurse shoos the team out and one kid chases nightgaunt and asks him to sign her cast as it was cool and he thinks about coming back probably closer to halloween and it earns a cg scene of nightgaunt autographing a cast Grade: A
choice 2 zirconia present to the kids

Mission 14 Weapon rescue
Mission 14: weapon rescue
Zael and riptide (no team up)
choice 1 zael can fly up for recon as zael scouts the weapon is a interdimension vehichle and relize the villians can smell him somehow and the thieves leap impossibly dragging down zael adn attack ranting its theirs and will get it back and scatter by time riptide comes help and zael points out they are stronger than expected likely not human as zael is injured as the thieves left weapon behind Grade: B Zael injured 1 day
choice 2 riptide can try to flush them out

Mission 15: Cutting capital
Mission 15: Cutting Capital
nightgaunt and zirconoia
choice 1 nightgaunt can sneak and take out enemies
choice 2 zirconia can charge in
choice 3 Team up nightgaunt stops zirconia recognizing leader that he needs to take on asking her to take the rest as zirconia agrees letting him do what he needs to as she fights robbers as they explode in felt and cotton as they are animated puppets as nightgaunt confronts the villian he reconizes saying it isn’t her usual mo as she replies she needs capital and thinks a certain hero is nearby and the villian makes a pun as they fight and slash nightguants arm adn zirconia defends the injured nightgaunt and the villian decided to retreat as it was a hero he used to work with former sidekick that came out worse then him and he needs to rest to heal the wound and states she is up to something he got and earn cg of nightgaunt fighting villian and the wound healed quicker in the morning Grade A+

Mission 16: Fashion Assassin
Mission 16 Fashion Assassin
Nightgaunt and Zirconia
choice 1 have nightgaunt sneak in
choice 2 have zirconia disarm
choice 3 team up nightgaunt suggests sneaking backstage to see who is behind it as zirconia thought it was the models as he can smell magic and bet he can guess who is controlling them as the villian from a certain previous mission returns again as she was hoping to get the attention of nightgaunts former hero partner as he was hoping to draw that hero out and it was banter of insults toward the villian low fashion and the villian rants then attacking the team as zirconia helps tip the fight for the team as the villian could hold her own against nightgaunt and due to the audience and model trouble we had to tend to them or stop the villian in a follow up choice
mid choice:
choice 1: help zirconia as night gaunt curses as the villian escapes can’t risk civillians and zirconia as they subdue the model without serious injuries and is sure the villian will try to lure out the former partner of nightgaunt again as zirconia apologize the villian got away Grade: A+
choice 2: nightgaunt stop scissoria

Mission 17: witching sour
Mission 17: witching sour
Wifi and riptide
choice 1: have wifi distract with construction equipment as wifi states it’ll do more than distract as she tells a wrecking ball to smash teh creature as it wss a direct hit to the chest and the creature roaring with agony skin bubbling before it explodes of skin and entrails rain in the area as people complain their movie is ruined saying they summoned it with a spell from a blog claiming to been under control and teens try to walk off before wrecking ball stops their path telling them to clean their mess and they reluctantly comply and think they can use wifi as a star for the movie and she says no Grade: C wifi and riptide exhausted for 1 day
choice 2: have riptide freeze the goo
choice 3 team up (need at least one date?)

Mission 18: boardwalk princess
Mission 18 Boardwalk princess
Zael and riptide
choice 1 zael negotiate
choice 2 riptide stop her he says he’ll deal with this but it is awkward for a reason as he knows her and the woman freezes riptides hair and forces him down to make him bow to her and the princess being overconfident concentrates to break out of her control and ice block headbutts her and there is banter taunts digging into riptide and he and the princess used to be friends and it earns a cg scene Grade B and riptide exhausted for 1 day
choice 3 team up (at least one date?)

Dates: coffee shop
RIptide X ZAEL

Dates: Park
first decision as zael arrives
choice 1: i’m sure it’ll go great to zael as it thinks about riptide aka cody: Zael likes that answer as he believes they had grown closer adn agrees confidence is warrented
choice 2: You never know with him as he thinks about riptide aka cody

as riptide arrives next decision:
choice 1: say like riptide asks things will go great
choice 2: say things will be fine to riptide: ritptide likes teh answer as riptide says of course it doesn’t have to be great and things will be fine
choice 3: say zael is a alien who knows

zael wanting to spend time with him as where doesn’t matter only the who as riptide doubts for another decision

choice 1: say he can (no apparent result but riptide mentally thinks no he must)
choice 2: say I can’t either

as zael gets a idea to join riptide and his dad for lunch for next choice

choice1: say that’s a great idea as riptide responds surprised it is?! and zael asks if it is customary to introduce romantic partners to their parents
choice 2: say its way too soon

NightGuant X Zirconia
they later head to the lair of our living room to workout more as zirconia wanting to try fighting nightgaunts shadow form as he doesn’t like
using his form unless absolutely necessary with choice.

Choice 1: say be himself
choice 2: say be less dramatic as nightguant (zirconia likes it) whispers he will try saying he just don’t like it and end of words as she asks that is it and nightgautn replies he is trying not to be dark about it adn zirconia is flattered

Dates: Cabin
As riptide complains about one bed on the third date next choice:

choice 1: its a test
choice 2: Its a joke
choice 3: its aspirational riptide frets they haven’t kissed yet as zael says they would like to rememdy that as riptide asks to try to stop being smooth for one second as zael responds no more than it can stop being a alien as it doesn’t help zael’s nerves X3

going through the date scene achieves a kiss

Nightgaunt asks what we are up to for a choice

choice 1: we could order only 1 bed
choice 2: we ordered this in advance as night gaunt asks what did we order this for and then nevermind he doesn’t want to know as he offers to sleep on floor but zirconia instead takes the floor

during their talk zirconia is unusually withdrawn for another choice.

Choice 1: ask her about it as nightgaunt asks as zirconia suddenly goes into diamond form as nightgaunt springs from bed worried if there are enemies but zirconia reverts back to normal form slowly as a concentrated effort as she says it happens when she is jumpy or scared sometimes from emotion stuff
choice 2: awkward silence will help

As zirconia is confused on some gay things being attracted to one gender nightgaunt is thinking of a possibility for another choice

choice 1: be direct he asks if she is attracted to him as zirconia hates the conversation but likes that he was direct about it as she is getting confused thinking she had figured out her gay stance in middle school
choice 2: don’t assume things

going through this earns platonic best bros shake



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