Monster Prom 2 Monster Camp: All Outcomes Guide

What it says on the tin!
This spreadsheet is filterable by character (group events included!) to make is easier. It also looks pretty!
The sheet is finished, and I’m updating it as I go with the actual content.


This guide is a work in progress! I’m updating it as I go, so it’s always growing.

click here to view the spreadsheet[]

It’s very legible, you can filter by characters, and there are stats so you can see my progress (and which characters I’m farther along with!)

I’m also open to collaborations, if you’ve been taking notes on the events or want to start, I’d love to work with you to make this faster!

(screenshot so you can see the format, I’ve obv been adding a bunch of stuff since taking it!)

How to use
This is the dropdown, just click it and select the relevant character!

You don’t have to make a copy of the sheet, it’s editable (but only the dropdown part). If someone’s messed with the dropdown and it doesn’t work, just type in the name you’re looking for (in all lowercase). I’ll fix it asap!

If the sheet is a bit slow, you can make a copy to use offline or whatever!

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