Muck: All Ship Resources for Repair

All resources needed to repair the ship


Ship requirements
Two Broken Ladders: 30x Wood
Five Holes: 30x Wood
Engine: 12x Iron Bar
Engine Base: 7x Obamium Bar
Rod (Engine): 7x Adamantite Bar
Five Cogs (Engine): 25x Iron Bar
Ruby (Engine): 14x Ruby
Gems (Engine): 5x Gem (Red,Pink,Yellow,Blue,Green)
Core: 1x Ancient Core
Mast: 20x Dark Oak Wood
Sail: 13x Flax Fiber, 5x Rope
Eight Supply Crates: 80x Wood, 60x Rock, 30x Wheat, 10x Raw Meat
Stairs: 15x Fir Wood
Hut: 15x Oak Wood
Ship’s Wheel: 8x Dark Oak Wood
Gold Pipes: 10x Gold Bar

Ship requirements [Compact]
140x Wood
15x Fir Wood
15x Oak Wood
28x Dark Oak Wood

60x Rock
37x Iron Bar
10x Gold Bar
7x Adamantite Bar
7x Obamium Bar
11x Ruby

5x Gem (Red,Pink,Yellow,Blue,Green)
1x Ancient Core (Get from killing bosses)

13x Flax Fiber (13 Flax flowers)
5x Rope (30 Wood, 30 Wheat)
30x Wheat
10x Raw Meat

Thanks to VanScorpio for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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