Muck: How to Make a Flying House

Tired of mobs breaking down your house? It does not matter, now I will tell you and show you how to make a flying house and a safe house from annoying enemies. This bug I found, playing with a friend.


What do you need for this?

To get started, you need at least a ladder x5, a wooden floor x3, a workbench x1

How to do it?

We put 5 stairs
Then we put two floors

На второй ставим верстак | On the second we put a workbench
On the second we put a workbench
And on the workbench we put another floor
We go to the beginning of the stairs and break it
Sorry for the error between the 2nd and 3rd screenshot.

How to get to it

To climb the house you will need a frog and a jetpack ( if you want the house to be higher, put more stairs)

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