MX Bikes: How to Fix ”My game doesn’t have sound” Issues

If your game does not have sound and you tried anything possible to solve, maybe this one will help you, like it helped me.
I’ve installed everything possible to make this work before. All Visual C++ versions, All in One Runtimes, OpenAl, .NET Frameworks, etc, and my game kept without sound.
So, after a month a user answered my topic with the solution, and here it is.

1- Go to and download the BIN VERSION.
2- Extract, and don’t execute any application.
3- Go to the bin folder where you extracted, then win64. e.g.(C:\Users\xxx\Desktop\openal-soft-1.21.0-bin\bin\Win64)
4- Copy the file inside win64 folder, called soft_oal.dll
5- Go to your MX Game Folder. e.g.(D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MX Bikes)
6- Paste the soft_oal.dll inside your game folder
7- Rename the soft_oal.dll into openal32.dll
Open your game and test it out.
This worked for me, after many attempts to solve this annoying problem.

Credit to GuigaMx and Lauch

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1 thought on “MX Bikes: How to Fix ”My game doesn’t have sound” Issues


    (November 8, 2020 - 6:36 pm)

    All I can say is thank you, I’ve spent the best part of a day and a half trying to fix this issue. First, MXBikes wouldn’t start, I kept getting the 0xc000007b error and then finally I got it working but without sound (I used a seperate openal32 dll I found online). Finally I followed your directions and the game works with sound. Thanks again and if I could buy you a beer I would 😀

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