Myth of Empires: Dedicated Server Guide

A Step by Step Video Guide to Launching a Dedicated Server.


A Step by Step Video Guide to Launching a Dedicated Server

The below video will is aimed to help you set up a Dedicated Server for Myth of Empires – Created by IceWarden of Admins United.

Here is a short Text Guide – How ever – we suggest the video.

  1. Launch the PrivateServerTool.exe located in <Game Directory>/PrivateServerTool
  2. Configure the settings as you see fit; Change the port to 4 digit ports to fix Steam Error (IE 5888 and 5889)
  3. Once your server settings are done; hit save. This will create an ini file with your server parameters. Save this for later.
  4. Click “Start Server” This will generate a .bat file for you to launch your server!
  5. Launch the server using the .bat file created by the program. Once the server loads, shut it down by hitting Ctrl-c in the server window.
  6. Open the INI file from earlier and copy the contents.
  7. Browse to <Game Directory>/WindowsPrivateServer/MOE/Saved/Config/WindowsServer
  8. open the “GameUserSettings.ini” file and paste the contents of the original INI at the bottom.
  9. Relaunch the server

Admins United

Admins United is a a community formed for Admins of types to get together and work together to better the Private Server Community of Various Games – Currently we Exist in:

We hope this guide helps! If you need additional help – please drop by the MoE Admins United Discord and reach out. Thanks!

Thanks to Admins United for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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