Neverwinter: Avernus Wastes Treasure Map Farming & Location Guide

Here you will find a detailed guide on all the treasure map locations for Avernus Wastes in Neverwinter with easy to find screenshots.
I’ve also provided the two best locations for farming maps from Manes.

Avernus Treasure Map Locations

This will give you a rough idea of the area you need to be in for each map.

Treasure Map Farming

These markers will show you the locations of the two map farming spots I use, If you are farming maps for gear, then I would suggest farming between 40 – 50 of them.

You might find that the following spot, in front of the number 6 treasure chest area is camped often, if it is just move onto the 2nd location further down.

This location is less frequently used, but you will come across Chain farmers that like to mow them down on their routes.

Never fight for camping spots, it is a waste of time, if both of these spots are already camped then move to another instance with fewer people on it.

Location 1 – Haruman’s Hill

Co-ords (652, 3204)

This one is a little obscure it is hidden in the crack of two boulders.
It is also probably the worst one to get to as it is close to a couple of mobs, so be careful when locating it.

If it is still hard to find, go to the back of Haruman’s Hill to the summoning shrine, stand in front of the big Brazier, and head down the hill back towards the exit, it’s nestled between the boulders on the right

Location 2 – Haruman’s Hill

Co-ords (1106, 3448)

In this screenshot I have used the “Soul Coin Cache” heroic as an easily identifiable reference point.

Location 3 – The Scab

In the scabs, just passed the rez shrine, follow the left hand cliff and you should find it easily.

Co-ords (1406, 1852)

Location 4 – The Scab

Co-ords (843, 1351)

When the “Citadel Defense” heroic is on in the scabs, one of the portals is right next to the chest making it almost impossible to get without being interrupted.
If this is the case, either complete the heroic, transfer to another instance or wait it out until the heroic is finished before trying to dig up this chest.

If you are unlucky enough for the heroic to spawn whilst you’re opening your chest, RUN, unless you’re confident that you can take them on, but if you’re needing this guide, the chances are you’re not, SO RUN.
If you die whilst in the process of opening it, there is a chance you lose the map and the treasure.

Location 5 – The Scab

Co-ords (357, 1189)

Location 6 – The Wastes

Co-ords (2435, 3737)

It’s behind the hut.

Location 7 – The Wastes

Co-ords (2043, 1891)

Location 8 – The Wastes

Co-ords (3436, 1859)

This is an awkward chest, you might find that you have to dig it up from the front, and then open it up from the back.

Location 9 – The Stygian Dock

Co-ords (2661, 1112)

Be wary here there is a Bloodsworn Smuggler & Spined Courier doing the rounds, they have a knack of creeping up on you.

Location 10 – The Stygian Dock

Co-ords (3012, 719)

This one is easy to miss, you have to jump up the rocks to get to it.
Or if you know where, you can drop down the cliff ledges from the top level and land on the chest.

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