Niche a genetics survival game: How to Create Custom Nichelings

Don’t know how to edit your starter nicheling’s genes, or add extra starter nichelings? This short guide is here to help you out!



So, I’ve noticed that a few people have posted reviews where they were wondering how to add more starter nichelings, and how to edit the genes of their starter nichelings. Well, the good news is that you can do this, and I’ll be explaining how in this short & sweet guide! Now onto the next section, that’ll explain everything you need to know to do this! It’s really not too difficult. I suggest reading a guide on the effects of certain genes as well for survival purposes.

First off, click “Play”, and then pick a save file. I really don’t have to explain this, as you probably already know how to do something so simple.

Next, you’re going to want to select “Sandbox Mode”. You may have noticed before, or may have not (it took me a while to see that the button was there when I first started playing not too long ago) but there is a button next to the play button titled “Sandbox Settings”. You’re going to want to click that.

Afterwards, you’ll see a list of your sandbox settings! Now, if this is your first time opening them, you’ll probably only see the default settings. You can either change those or click the “+” to make entirely new settings! I suggest doing that. Once you click it, you’ll see five options. Click “Gene Settings.”

And congratulations, now all you have to do is select (or add) a nicheling and edit it’s genes! Don’t worry about looking for a “Save” option, it’ll automatically save the settings for you. All you have to do after that is press back, and you’re ready to play as your custom nichelings!

Also, please excuse the fact that all screenshots show a windowed screen. I was going between taking the screenshots and typing this at the same time, so I didn’t bother to full-screen the game or crop said screenshots to the game window.

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