NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139: Steam Status Messages

Nier has a neat feature where your steam status updates on nearly every objective. I tried to compile a full list below. Spoilers ahead.


Playthrough A – 1st Half
1. A world draped in despair. My tale begins…
2. The carnage begins! No idea where I am or why…yet.
3. Building strength by killing these dark, creepy…things.
4. An unstable voice cries out in an unstable world…
5. Suddenly in the…future? Or is this the past? Hmm…
6. Vast plains, blue skies…and white, fluffy sheep.
7. Hunting for mutton now? This seems oddly MMO-esque.
8. Took a break. Visited my sister. I have a sister?
9. Out shopping. The people of this world seem very poor…
10. Apparently I’m a freelance errand boy. Yippee.
11. The world is awful gloomy, but at least it seems safe.
12. Taking on some crepuscular foes. Go on, look it up.
13. Finished taking out the trash. That was an ordeal…
14. Returning home after a day of running back and forth.
15. My sister’s gone. First, the mutton, now this
16. Nothing good can come from a missing sister.
17. Searching for my sister. This can’t end well.
18. Operation: Sister Quest continues. Where is she?
19. Still searching for Yonah. Now I’m near a giant tree.
20. Those creatures are all over, but still no sign of Yonah…
21. There she is! … How can she sleep at a time like this?
22. Just defeated a pair of iron knights. Nothing’s easy…
23. My sister’s cursed, her body covered with black symbols…
24. What did that girl do to deserve this fate?
25. So THAT’S the objective of this game. Very clever.
26. Crossing the plains. This is taking forever.
27. Exploring a strange town built into the side of a cliff.
28. Stumbled upon a trashy little shack just outside town.
29. Who’s this girl, anyway? She’s warning nothing but underwear.
30. Underwear Girl’s fighting a lizard. This is nuts…
31. Got the first [SPOILLER]!
33. So I just need to gather all the [SPOILLER], right? Great!
34. Looking for work in the tavern. Hey, a guy’s gotta eat.
35. Off to the Junk Heap to try and find some stuff to kill.
36. Off on a field trip to get my weapon powered-up.
37. The Junk Heap’s still humming. …I kinda wish it wasn’t.
38. Fought a tin robot, a tin box, and a tin pipe. Tin-acious!
39. Two brothers asked me to find their mom. I hope she’s okay.
40. That was unfortunate. Reality can be pretty rough sometimes.
41. My sister’s sick, and I’m kinda freaking out.
42. Shh. I’m off looking for fish. …Don’t ask.
43. At a lovely seaside town, searching for fish.
44. Who knew I’d be fishing this thing out of the sea myself?
45. Time to bring Yonah her meds. I hate to see her suffer…
46. That old battle-axe needs our help. She’s a real pain
47. Ran across a whiny old lady. At least Shades don’t talk.
48. Got a letter for old lady. Am I being punished?
49. Taking a little break…
50. Finished helping the old lady. Wonder what her guy was like?
51. Finished helping the old lady. Hope she’s happy now.
52. Delivering letters, running fetch quests…the usual.
53. Time to head back to Underwear Girl’s village.
54. Fighting a giant, magical-ball shooting lizard. So. Awesome.
55. Battle’s over, but I still gotta save Underwear Girl!
56. Heading for the desert. Better brush up on my sign language.
57. Desert? Check. Wolves? Check. Weird masked people? …Check.
58. In a weird town full of sand. The people here are crazy.
59. Rules, rules, rules, rules! What a pain in the [SPOILLER]!
60. I could never, EVER live here. Seriously, I’d die.
61. Caught up in a plot to save the prince of crazytown.
62. Crazy prince saved. Crazytown pleased. I’m outta here.
63. Some kind of…dream? What the heck is going on?
64. Dreamdreamdreamdreamdreamdreamdreamdreamdream
65. Villagers in a nightmare… They’re tormenting me…
66. That village was a nightmare. Kinda like this game!
67. Off to find a dude with a bag. (So does he ALWAYS have it on him, or what?)
68. Bag Dude’s wife is missing! If we find her, we’ll know because she has…the exact same bag
69. Bag Dude’s wife left town on her own. This kind of twist never ends well.
70. This guy’s home waiting for his wife to come back. How am I supposed to break the news?
71. No sane person wants to get caught up in a couple’s squabbles. …No sane book, either.
72. Do your best on that canal, bud. It’d make things a hell of a lot easier for me.
73. Heading home for the first time in a while!
74. Some guy’s been sending mail to my sister. Not too thrilled.
75. Underwear Girl got lost in a haunted manor. Great.
76. Found a boy with a blindfold playing the piano. Um, yeah.
77. Finally got out of that manor. Time for a visit home.
78. It’s getting worse. What did she do to deserve this pain?
79. I need medicine for Yonah. Otherwise…
80. Seems like this is the calm before the storm…
81. Giant creatures are attacking the village. This is bad!
82. The screams of the dead and dying echo throughout.
83. Enemies in the library. Must protect my sister!

Playthrough A – 2nd Half
84. Five years have passed.
85. Our world is falling apart.
86. Time to visit the blindfolded kid at his creepy manor.
87. Searching for a secret room. Everything’s a secret here…
88. I don’t think anything could surprise me at this point.
89. …Okay, that was surprising.
90. That…was a heck of a price to pay, wasn’t it…
91. Beating an enemy senseless. Get down and stay down!
92. Heading back to where it all began. I’ve come full circle.
93. Back to the point of origin yet again.
94. Fighting a foe that refuses to give up the ghost.
95. Underwear Girl’s gone berserk. This is bad.
96. All the answers I seek lie beyond this altar…
97. Off to see the Junk Heap brothers. It’s been a while.
98. Wandering through iron caverns in a mechanized paradise.
99. I wonder what the surviving robots are thinking?
100. I need some leads. Time to go see out more info.
101. The boatman’s been ditching work. I’m about to go knock down the dude’s door.
102. Looking for Bag Dude, who apparently had a fight with his wife and split town. What a pain.
103. Feels like I’ve done nothing but look for people lately, and I’ll be honest. I ain’t thrilled.
104. Been a while since I’ve had something shunted on me like that. The reward better be nuts…
105. A wrecked ship drifted ashore. Wonder what it was carrying originally?
106. Ran into a weird girl on the ship. Also, it’s dark as hell and all I’ve got is this lantern.
107. A crumbling ship, countless tentacles…and an unknown enemy.
108. The Shade’s song echoes out. This is the strongest foe and the worst situation to date.
109. People who were always around are just…gone, but the world keeps on turning.
110. Returning to a lonely home. A letter awaits.
111. Received an invitation from the king of Façade.
112. Having a nice, peaceful chat. It’s about time.
113. Echoing screams. Streams of blood. A future lost…
114. Keeping a promise to destroy the wolves.
115. Man vs. wolf. Who will emerge victorious?
116. For everything I gain, I lose something more precious.
117. Back to the nightmare forest. Maybe someday I’ll understand.
118. Would any letters come to a house in which no one waits?
119. Off to pick up the new weapon. Should make life a bit easier.
120. Trying out the new weapon. Hope machines don’t feel pain.
121. Fighting an insane machine. This whole world’s insane…
122. I need some leads. Time to go see out more info.
123. Back to the strange cliffside village. Something’s up.
124. Everyone’s friendly. Too friendly. I don’t trust them.
125. I KNEW this was coming. How infuriating.
126. A battle against chaos. Who’s in the right?
127. Everything’s in place. It’s time to end this tale.
128. My sister awaits in the last bastion of the enemy.
129. Into the Shadowlord’s castle. What an incredible sight.
130. Taking on the final boss. The journey’s almost over!

Ending B
1. Half a cookie never tasted better.

Ending C and D
1. Ah gods, what a choice. All paths lead to heartbreak…

Ending E
1. A lost world. Memories…awaken.
2. Back to a forest of nightmare we visited long ago, but this is no dream. This is reality.
3. The forest is crawling with machines, and the villagers are gone.
4. An entrance to pure darkness appeared in the great tree.
5. Lost memories, and the meaning in reclaiming them.
6. These mysterious voices are getting on my nerves. I’m just gonna go smash some crap.
7. Memories are being called back. I’ve forgotten something very important…
8. Okay, now I’m fighting myself. This is the worst battle royale ever.
9. An old friend appears, and my memories are starting to clear up.
10. It’s coming back to me. I…had a friend.
11. I had a friend. Someone important to me!
12. The hells’ the big idea, going off and disappearing like that!?
13. Get back here already, you sneaky little crapbag!
14. We will live-even if it’s a mistake.

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