Night of the Dead: All Books (How to Find & Use)

For where to find all 11 books and what they do.


Where to find?

Five of the 11 books are located in fixed places. The other 6 are found randomly on book shelves inside buildings around the world.

Let’s look at those five books first. Click on the map below. To zoom in. press Windows key and + key, if it’s too small to read. To zoom out, press Windows and – . To quit the magnifier program, press Windows and Esc.

Those five books can be repeatedly taken.

After being taken, the 3D model of a prop book in the world does not despawn. It becomes non-interactive with that player, because a copy of that book is inside that player’s inventory. That is, a player can only interact with that prop book if there is no copies of that book in the inventory.

So, if you want to bring back more copies for your team in multiplayer, left-mouse-drag to drop all copies of that book from your inventory onto the ground to regain the ability to interact. When done with interacting for one more copy, drop that copy again. Rinse and repeat till you have the amount you need, and then press T to pick up all copies back that have been dropped on the ground.

On a side note, this is the same mechanic with those 6 main quest items.

Polymer Chemistry

Y15.54 X17.9
Research facility.
2nd floor.
Right side of the hallway.
Far end of the room.
Beside a scale on a table.

Quantum Physics for Materials

Y13.8 X15
3rd floor.
Central intersection of all 3 hospital wings.
On a reception desk.

Internal Combustion Engines

Y12.4 X13.35
On a podium.

Encyclopaedia of Ammunition

Y13.8 X13.4
Police Station.
1st floor.
Front reception room entered from the left.
On a desk.

Organic Electronic Materials

Y14.5 X11.54
2nd floor.
Turn right to the end of the hallway.
Enter the door on the left.
Turn left to the far back of the room.
On a shelf on the left side.

The other 6

These are randomly found on shelves inside buildings around the world. In a single player game, save before breaking a shelf with F key. If that shelf doesn’t give you the book you want, load the save file back and repeat.

Use of books

They are used to purchase 11 perks at a Research Table. You also need Research Data. When your character dies, a purchased perk will be refunded back into Research Data and a book (if applicable) inside the corpse.

These are the perks with the corresponding books in matching colors.

Thanks to Moksha ex machina for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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