No man’s sky: How to Transfer Xbox Game Pass Saves to Steam

If you do not want to start the game from scratch, having lost the progress made in the Xbox, then you can transfer the save.


Required programs

To work with Xbox save you need the NomNom Save Editor [] .
To work with Steam save you need No Man’s Sky Save Editor [] . Java 8 []
must be installed for the latest save editor to work . It is not obvious to everyone how to download files from github, so I am attaching a screenshot. Unpack the NMSSaveEditor archive. We will run using this file

Stage 1: Pulling out the Xbox save

Launch NomNom.
We choose to save the Windows version. We save it in JSON format. We will find this file in the json folder, in the archive with NomNom. Close NomNom. You won’t need it anymore

Stage 2: Opening Steam Save

First you need to create a save disc:
1) Run the NMS in Steam
2) Start a new character.
3) We create any building (the first cleaner will be the fastest).
4) We climb in, we climb out of the first ship to save.
5) Close NMS.

Launch the second save editor.
We select the slot for saving the blank. Choosing Raw JSON Editing

Stage 3: replace the lines with the file

Open the JSON save file from Xbox, which was created in NomNom using WordPad or notepad.
Now in it we will replace the necessary values ​​throughout the file using the “Replace” button. We find the UID value in the save file from the steam and replace all UIDs from the XX (Xbox) file with it. We repeat this procedure with the USN value. In storing XX, the LID value will be “0000000000000001”. We replace all these values ​​with our UID. Replace “BaseStatId” with “BaseStatID” Replace “CurrentMissionId” with “CurrentMissionID” Replace “PreviousMissionId” with “PreviousMissionID”


Replace “ObjectId” with “ObjectID”

Replace “TraitIds” with “TraitIDs”

Replace “MultiplayerLobbyId” with “MultiplayerLobbyID”

Replace “XB” with “ST” (be careful here, replace with quotes).

Stage 4: final

After replacing all the necessary lines in the save XX, copy all the text and paste it completely into the body of the Steam save opened in the save editor.
Close the editorial office and save the changes.
We save the changes If everything is done correctly, then the next time you start the game in the incentive, you will find that you have become yourself from the Xbox.
If everything is done correctly, the next time you start the game in Steam, you will find that you have become yourself from the Xbox.

Thanks to Horad I’ns Vorau for sharing the method to transfer Xbox game save to Steam.

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