Nomad Survival: Easy Gemstone Farming Guide (New V1.4)

Wanted to share an easy-to-follow guide to make the most gems (40,50x multiplier) with the least amount of effort.


Upgrade Setup

Lets start with the upgrade setup. This are all the skills that you will ever need for it:

Now lets talk about the priority if you are missing some gold, as well as the reasoning behind the picks:

Priority number one:

  • HP Regen – so you can heal the dmg up and not die, always max it out
  • SP Regen – we are going to be playing as a Knight, and we need his ability up as much as possible, always max it out
  • EXP Bonus – faster leveling is OP, always max it out
  • Defense – its hella expensive, so you can go with just 4-5 levels of it, more is better if you have extra cash
  • Pickup range – I would suggest to get at least a couple of levels since you wont be able to move and some enemies will die at some range from you

Priority number Two:

  • Cooldown – nice to have since we will be using Ascension
  • Duration – same as the cooldown
  • Max HP – lets you be more relaxed while you get EXP to stabilize

Priority number Three:

  • Skill size – nice to have so it will fit more enemies into your AOE
  • Retaliation – some early dps and nice animation I guess 😛

You dont need it, DMG is fake, your enemies will die out of respect to your tankiness. I will explain killing later on


I tested all the pets (most with only first row upgraded) and they all work.

Easiest one to use is for sure the Hedgehog for the defense and HP buff, as well as nice retaliation dmg (we are playing knight, so enemies will hug us and our pet)

Second in line has to be the Fox for the huge evasion buff. I havent tested it yet, but if you get FOX maxed out she could be better than the Hedgehog, since evasion is crazy stat.

Honorable mention goes to the Raccoon, if he could actually move his ass and bring me things. Decreasing Player Speed actually decreases Pet Speed too, so he wont bring you chests with -100% movespeed 🙁 You could make it 99% and then he will bring them to you, just slowly.

Level Modifiers
Pick these up to get to the 40,50 Gemstone multiplier

Some reasoning behind the picks and potential changes:

  • Enemy HP – always at max, you will 1 shot them anyways, so who cares.
  • Enemy Damage – you will die waaaaaaaaay too fast early if you will increase this. With max upgrades you can probably go higher, especially if you dont lower your HP, but i just think that its a pain in the ass and i dont like restarting my runs
  • Enemy Speed – the faster they hug you the faster they die. Just like people in my life. Max it out.
  • Player HP – feel free to move it around. I found 50% the most consistent to run, but you can go lower if you dont mind doing a couple of restarts if luck wont go your way early. You can just keep it at 0 too if you are low on upgrades or want to feel safer.
  • Player Damage – as i said earlier, enemies will die just by looking at you funny, your base dmg doesnt matter, always drop it to -90 (I would go -99 if i could).
  • Player Speed – we are here for the maximum lazy guide, so why bother moving? Enemies come to you and you kill them, easy as that. No need to move around to collect exp either, since it will mostly be right next to you. If you want to collect chests you can go for -99% as well, you will be able to move a bit to pick chests up, but you only need them for the +10 re-rolls so just be lazy and sit at one spot.
  • Enemy Projectiles – if you are low on upgrades you might want to turn it off, otherwise you really wont know the difference (well besides the extra orbs flying in to hug you)
  • Enhanced Bosses – you cannot die, so it is just extra gems
  • Enhanced Events – same as Enhanced Bosses

Character and Leveling


For the character you always go Knight. His ability is crazy, his damage is insane, and he was build to stand in one spot and do nothing all day long. Go for the Nomad Heritage since you need all the re-rolls that you can get.
Go to the Lv. 1 (The Dry Marsh) Normal Mode and pick 100% speed since otherwise it takes too long and you dont care about what happens on the screen.

Now grab all the modifiers that we talked about earlier and hit play.

Early levels(1-20)

Your main priority early on is to become an unkillable tank with infinite dmg capabilities.

Your first priority is to get tank stats, since we can sorta kill enemies:

  • Ascension lvl 1 and 2. The value that it gives in just 2 levels is crazy, and should not be underestimated. For a period of time you will get 5 defense, 10 HP per second and 0,3 SP per second. Yeah its not a 100% uptime yet, but that 5 defense and 10 HP/Sec is amazing and gives you a lot of survivability
  • Miniaturize – 6% chance to not take DMG, what else do you need from life? Might not seem like a big deal, but it is. You want 4-5 levels of it before you fight the first boss at 7 minute
  • Spirit of Life – you get hit a lot even with the evasion, so any HP regen is good. Your ascension is not 100% uptime until later into the game, so couple of levels (3-5) is good to get before the first boss arrives.
  • Stamina potion – get one level of it, its good value, nice to have, and will give you some survivability and dps
  • Study – always good to have, if you are not at low HP and no other passives that i talked about before are there – pick it up. After you are stable grab it when you see it.
  • Defence – only good if you dont have your Defence upgraded in the shop, otherwise only pick if there is nothing else and you are out of re-rolls
  • Vitality – this is your PANIC button, only pick it up if you are below 20-10%

Now about that DMG…
Knights ability scales crazy well, so you will be able to kill everything (just not fast) despite the 500% HP and -90% DMG that we picked for the level modifiers, but we will buff the DMG anyways, just to kill faster and get EXP. You will need just 2 things for it.

  • Colorless Glyph – you only need 1 level of it for the entire run. It will kill everything close enough for you to get the EXP, you will only need 1 supporting passive for it
  • Death Sting – your main DPS, before first boss you can just grab 1 lvl of it to help you out, since you need to focus on defense. Once boss is dead pick it up every time. Your Glyph, as well as your Knights basic ability and retaliation dmg will kill everything that gets too close.

Mid to late game

Once you are stable, just keep upgrading the defensive passives that you have, as well as the Death sting. Here are some nice extra things to pick up along the way:

  • Hourglass – lets you keep your ascension up 100% of the time
  • Psychokinesis – QOL in case that EXP drops too far
  • Purifying Circle – once your duration is high it becomes a constant AOE and it will proc your

Other than that feel free to pick anything that you might like. Just dont go for the Immaterial Cloak, as funny as it is, it is counterproductive.

Thanks to rekvian for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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