Old School RuneScape: How to Get 10000 Coins for Free

This guide is for new players who could use some extra coins!


Getting your coins:
Requirements: food and armour.

Talk to Count Check in the Lumbradge graveyard, which is south of lumbridge, and talk to him about your account security. He will offer you a free teleport to the Stronghold of security. Teleport to the stronghold of security, and find your way through the mazes. At the end of each maze you’ll find yourself a coin reward.

The first floor will give you 2000 coins, the second floor will give you 3000 coins and the third floor will give you 5000 coins.

There are a total of 4 floors, the 4th floor however will not give you gold, but boots.

After you are done, simply teleport out with your lumbridge home teleport located in your magic book.

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