Old School RuneScape: How to Play OSRS on Steam with RuneLite

How to play OSRS through Steam while still using RuneLite.


Step One
Install OSRS through Steam like normal.

Install RuneLite via: RuneLite Website[runelite.net]

Step Two
Find the install locations of both games, this is where ever you downloaded them to.

The default install location on my PC was:


Program Files (x86) > Steam > Steamapps > Common > Old School Runescape > Bin > Win64


Disk C > Users > “My Name” > AppData > Local > RuneLite

Step Three
With both windows open you will see that the steam version will only have a couple of files in it.

Copy and paste ALL the files from the RuneLite Folder into the the Old School Runescape Steam folder.

Next delete the osclient.exe file, and rename RuneLite.exe to osclient.exe.

Finally launch the game and it should open up in RuneLite.

This will enable the Steam Overlay, screenshot and time tracking functions of steam while also allowing you to use the RuneLite client.

By Lou

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