Ostranauts: How to Fly a Ship

Here is a simple guide on how to fly and travel from ship to ship.


Get in the Control Seat
WSAD controls thrust direction, while QE rotates the ship.

First thing to do, is to click where you want to go. For example, click a derelict.
Then, point the ship whit Q and E to the derelict, and approach.

Depending on the distance, you have to check your speed. Dont go nuts trying to get quickly to a close derelict, or you will end up crashing.
When you’re halfway there, just brake with S, or, if you wanna have more control, turn the ship around and thrust in the other way.

When you have less than 1 km of distance, change the controls to Docking. Try to be going as slow as possible when doing this, because the ship can still crash if not slowed down.

In the docking controls, click the first option. If youre boarding a derelict, you probably find an “?” as an option. Click that.
Ask for permission to clamp.
When it accepts, use the controls “WASD” to control the docking procedure. When the green light turns on, click “CLAMP” Wait a few seconds and, Congrats. Youre docked.

Rinse and repeat for everywhere you wanna go

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