OUTRIDERS: How to Fix “HUD Not Showing” BUG

Outriders is a RPG-Shooter with aggressive gunplay and intense action. however, there are some issues for the new game. one of the bugs is that you will not see your HUD or see interactables highlighted like in the Demo, here is a simple tutorial on how to fix this bug.


How to Fix HUD Not Showing Iusse?

You may have everything in Options -> HUD enabled, and the HUB still not shows. you may also have tried toggling off/on and still nothing. here is a simple method for you to fix this issues:

Start the game -> return to lobby -> start again. should reappear!


That’s all we share about “How to Fix “HUD Not Showing” BUG in OUTRIDERS game”, hope this method will work for you. we also excepted that the DEV to fix this bug as well as some other bugs.

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